Client Spotlight: with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

June 23, 2016

There’s so much to learn from others on the entrepreneurial journey. That’s why I love to feature my clients who’ve made incredible strides to grow their business.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber started her journey with me in 2015 and as she says, “I’m making 80 % more than I did when we first started and not only have I increased my revenue, I am learning how to create it in a consistent way so I am less feast and famine”

I had a chance to catch up with Nicole this week (after she and client Ramona Remesat) spoke to my Coaching  community about how to create a Money Mindset.

Here’s what she had to say about what’s happened to her and her business since joining the my coaching program.

Jeannie: Nicole, we started working together a little over a year ago when you joined my  Coaching program, I’d love for you to share what your life and business was like before you joined.

Nicole: My life and my business looked much the same when we started working together. I was wide eyed, full of hope, ready to take the next step and had absolutely no idea how to do it. I was a newly minted certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach, with a new website and no strategy or systems in place. I had success stories with my clients, but still only had a few paying clients at a time. I realized quickly that I was not equipped to do what I needed to do to get the amount of clients I wanted to work with.To say I was frustrated and rapidly feeling defeated would be an understatement.

I interviewed several business coaches before I met you, and I did not feel connected to them. I knew how I wanted to feel about my coach more than what I wanted their specific expertise to be. I am so thankful that I was given your name because I knew immediately that you were my coach. The proof is that you have not been able to get rid of me yet! 🙂

Jeannie: Tell me more about your business today and who you work with. 

Nicole: Today I have a growing business as a money mindset expert, coach and guide through the internal work that is necessary to have a satisfying and successful business. I work with women in business who struggle to meet their financial goals even though they are doing all of the right things. These women have a hunch that they are being held back by unseen emotional blocks and that those blocks are keeping them from the money, success and satisfaction that is right in front of them. I work with coaches, healers, solo-preneurs and small business women mostly. I have also worked with a few authors, and people who are still in corporate and are looking to make a change.

Jeannie: What are you doing? What lights you up about the work you do?

Nicole: I provide 1:1 guidance through a system of strategic steps to help them reveal and release those blocks so that they can have lasting change in their relationship with their money and their business. I say that there is no magic in this process, but there is plenty of gold to mine.

What lights me up is when I see a client realize that there is in fact a connection between their previous experiences in life and how they approach money and wealth in their life now. Once they have the knowledge then they have the power. It makes me so happy each and every time.

Jeannie: What would you say was one of your biggest challenges when you first got started?

Nicole: I had no strategy, I was that client who really thought that I could just have a website and the clients would come to me. Yeah, it does not work that way. Finding my voice was also difficult, let’s face it, the online arena in business is a loud loud place to be. I needed to find ways to stand out that were authentic. I was struggling to find my way.

Jeannie: Over the course of the year, you started to have a love-hate relationship with your business. Can you talk more about that? What happened exactly, how did you get over it?

Nicole: Sure, by about January 2016 and less than a year into my business, I started feeling really defeated. I was not enjoying any of this anymore and I was thinking about giving up on my dreams. It was not any fun anymore, and I began to have dread on Sunday nights again, which was too familiar to me. I left 9-5 life as a therapist and social worker so I never had to feel that dread again, but here it was.

What I realized that I failed to do was to create a relationship with my business that was real and authentic to me. I was trying to have a business that I thought was “the right way to do it”.  I was using language I don’t speak, I was dressing in clothes that were not my style, I was trying hard to be someone I wasn’t and to have a “REAL BUSINESS” I never sat down and thought about what kind of business I wanted to have, how I wanted to feel about it, how I wanted to relate to it, and what I wanted the end result to look like.

What I did was create a MEAN BOSS in my business, only the difference was this time it was ME. Because I did not have an intentional conversation with myself about my business, I defaulted into old boss relationships I had observed. I was kind of mean to myself, to be honest, I was abusing myself with my business and creating a monster.

I stepped back and had a meeting between me and my business, I wrote it love letters, I developed an intentional all-encompassing pact between me and my business. A personal vision and mission statement if you will. I went from being my own mean boss to having a love affair with my business. I love it still and my biz is my BFF.

Jeannie: Back when you started you weren’t speaking, now you’ve got a Signature Talk and I know you’re speaking to attract clients. Talk about what that’s done for you and I know you’ve landed an amazing speaking opportunity. Will you talk more about that?

Creating a signature talk has helped me in many ways. First it helped me find my voice and zoom in on who my perfect client is. I think that prior to having this talk, I knew who my client was but I was not as connected with what they would want to hear from me. I feel more confident knowing that I have a talk that I can give when asked, and can incorporate into any brief introduction or copy that I am writing about what I do.

Having a talk has prompted me to apply for speaking opportunities that I would not have done previously. Because of this I applied for and was accepted to be 1 out of 11 speakers at the Polka Dot Powerhouse Celebration in October, there will be 250 women there. Yikes!

I was told I was chosen out of 100 applicants. I would never have done that before, and I know with my talk that it is an opportunity to get new clients and be seen in a new way.

Jeannie: Let’s talk about your business and clients. What’s changed for you when it comes to getting clients and having sales conversations with potential clients?

Nicole: I now have a plan on how to get in front of my ideal clients, speaking in its many forms is that way. Webinars, speaking at networking groups, podcast interviews, conferences all provide me with an opportunity to have a sales conversation with many people at once so that my perfect clients seek me out.

I have more confidence to have the individual conversations from that point because I know that they have already pre selected themselves

Jeannie: What’s one thing you wish you knew then that you know now?

Nicole: I am glad that I had the smarts to hire a coach pretty early out. What I wish I knew then was how important it is to have strategy in all aspects of your business. I wish I had known that sooner.

Jeannie: You’re now in your second year of the Coaching program, what have you enjoyed about it?

Nicole: I have enjoyed getting to know a group of amazing people who are also building their businesses. I never imagined when I had my first call with you that I would be saying yes to YOU and a support system that is crucial to my success. I have become friends with the people in the Coaching program and to my surprise have found business besties I know will be in my corner for years to come. I am also very thankful to have a coach that is patient, committed and is real.

Jeannie: You’ve had all sorts of results since joining, what would you say are the top three things that you’ve achieved in the last year?

  1. Getting clear on how I was abusing myself with my business, and have fallen in love with it again. To me this was a huge achievement because I have now set up my business in a loving way, to partner with me and my strengths. It has also helped my clients create intentional and sustainable relationships with their businesses as well.
  2. Getting the foundation for my signature talk so I can use it in many arenas and change it up when needed. This has been vital to my feeling more confident, professional and ready to be seen.
  3. I have more of the right kinds of clients and have a strategy in place to get more, I am earning more money, getting more clients, and it is not as hit or miss anymore.

Jeannie: What would you tell a newer coach, consultant or service-based entrepreneur about getting support to grow their business?

In my mind starting a business is jumping off the high dive into the world of personal development whether you like it or not. You will be tested, you will be forced to look at your flaws, you will have to learn to grow your business from a pure place instead of from ego. I am not sure how one does that without a leader and a support group to help them. I am a therapist and I cannot imagine doing this alone.

Why waste time, get your support system in place, get your strategy and goals in alignment so you can get further along faster.

Jeannie: What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself and your business a year from now? 

Nicole: What is next for me is to continue speaking, and to offer a group program so that I can work with more people on their money story, and help more women thrive in their business and master their money. It is crucial to the success of their business, and I want more people to get this help sooner than later.

A year from now, my group program will be running several times per year, I will have surpassed my first big financial goal for myself, and will not only be speaking but I will be an author as well. Stay tuned 🙂

Nicole Lewis-Keeber Psychotherapist/ Life Coach/ Money Mindset Expert Nicole has combined her expertise as therapist with her training as a Money Mindset Coach to create a unique coaching approach, that provides deep transformational change in her client’s lives and business. Nicole specializes in helping women business owners, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs reveal the surprising programmed limiting beliefs that get in the way of them manifesting the success that is theirs for the taking.

Nicole shares a home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband Jason and their three cats. Originally from North Carolina and Jason from the UK, travel is often on their agenda to see family, friends, and to find new adventures.

When they are not on a sojourn, you can find them at the local farmers’ market shopping for the amazing produce and foods native to Lancaster County.

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