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(…even if you’ve got multiple failed offers, gaps in your client calendar, and have *yet* to reach that coveted 6-, 7- or 8-figure goal).


Spots are filling! ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT grab yours while you still can!




“In October, I attended Jeannie’s ’Scale To Six’ event, and I left armed with lots of amazing information, tools, and tips to take my business to the next level. In fact, when I got home from those few days, I was able to book my first speaking gig EVER.

Jeannie has given me the confidence that I was missing to go out and grow my business in a more strategic way, enabling me to reach my target audience in ways that I never could before. Working with Jeannie has been the best business decision I have made.”

Kelly Murphy, Social Media Strategist

Discover the Specific Speaking, Lead and Revenue Generation Strategies I Use to Generate Multiple 6-Figures In My Business Year After Year

Tell me if this sounds like you…

“I’m making money in my business—I just haven’t perfected that passive-income dream, yet.”

You’re a passion-driven coach, strategist, catalyst, healer or change maker who is passionate about what you do and who you work with, but you’re having difficulty attracting clients consistently and easily.

You feel overwhelmed by the marketing and are plagued by “shiny marketing syndrome” where you try out the newest trends and strategies—only to have them not work, again.

It’s overwhelming. It’s frustrating. And it happens to the best of us. 

I work with people like YOU every day, by simplifying complicated marketing techniques and funnels. You’ll walk away with a booked-out calendar and steady streams of consistent, passive income.

You’re already great at what you do and I know you have a big mission. Let’s strap on the rocket fuel you need to grow your movement and ignite your full earning potential.

This event is for you if your business is picking up steam. You’re feeling it, too. You’ve done the courses, group coaching programs and achieved a certain level of success,  but now you’re ready for more.

It’s time to create client and revenue consistency, grow your movement and serve as many people as possible.


To grow your movement and multiply your income you’re going to need to do something others aren’t willing to do.

It’s time to gather your tribe. 

This fall, I’m inviting 80 select business owners to join me in Newport, Rhode Island for three powerful days of learning, growing and strategizing how you can Amplify every area of your business


An intimate environment.

The ultimate think tank.

Women on the rise. 


If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then this is indeed the event for you.  With only 80 spots available, seats at this intimate event won’t be around for long.


Make Changes You Need to Own Your Empire… In A Hotel Fit For The Queen You Already Are.

You’re in New England, after all.

The entire Amplify 2019 event takes place at the beautiful Dutch-Colonial home turned hotel, Hotel Viking on 1 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, November 4-6, 2019.

Roughly 40 minutes from TF Green airport (PVD), it’s easy to drive to, Uber ride or take luxury transportation to the hotel.

The event is located downtown and is within walking distance to trendy restaurants, cafes, historic mansions and the waterfront. Guests appreciate the food, culture and overall experience of being in this small, easy to manage city.

You can choose to stay at the Hotel Viking or any nearby hotel.


Why Amplify 2019 Will Forever-Change The Way You Do Business…

You my friend, have a mission to help more people and a business to grow in the process.

You’re READY to share your message, serve more people and shake things up in your business.

This is your time.

No more playing around.

No more tinkering.


Now it’s time to buckle down and focus on what’s going to take your business to the next level.

You’ve seen other entrepreneurs cross 6 and multiple 6 figures, now it’s your turn, too!

The 7-Figure Question Is This…

Even though you’ve gotten so far in your business, why can’t you get consistent clients or revenue? If you’ve broken through to 6 figures why are you having trouble scaling your efforts to multiple 6 figures?

​​​​​​​Consistent clients + revenue at scale = the ease you’ve been craving.

And if we’re being honest, sometimes both aren’t happening.


The SIMPLE TRUTH is this…


Whether you’re not quite where you want to be OR you’re looking to scale your business…


Sometimes it all just feels so overwhelming and you’re tired of trying to navigate it all on your own.

But one thing you know is this, when you listen to your soul, you know you’re on the RIGHT path and believe without a doubt that one day you will be making 6, multiple 6 or even 7 figures.

Now is your time. Time to share your message. Share your knowledge. Serve more people and start making the income you’ve always known you could make.

If you’re ready to grow, monetize and scale your business and stop skipping from one bright shiny object to the next.

Then I’ve got GREAT NEWS!

I’ve developed my 3-Step Amplify Your Profits Framework and it’s just what you need to help you achieve the next level of your business growth.

What Other Brilliant Women Are Saying About Jeannie’s Events…

“You will gain so much about your business, yourself, and be reminded of what you do.”

Deb Coman, Content Marketing + Copy Conversion Strategist

“This is so much more info and real work that goes on and gets you away with a true, workable plan.”

Lesley Ingves, Business Management Specialist

“Take yourself out of your daily business life and give yourself a chance to connect with other entrepreneurs while growing ideas about your own business.”

Liz Wolfe, Business Coach

“Even if you have an established business, you will get a TON of useful ideas, and meet a lot of inspiring women, too!”

Bryna Haynes, Change Maker + Founder Choose Your Evolution

Ready to Hone Your Message, Grow Your Movement and Monetize Your Business?

You’ve gotten where you are today from your determination and hard work—but there’s a few things you still crave…

​​​​​​​Consistent clients and revenue—and the ability to scale it all.

And if we’re being honest, until you learn how to properly monetize your existing offers to earn consistent 6 figure income…

… or until you learn how to leverage your monetized 6 figure income and multiply it to multiple 6 figures you might feel like it’s all a fluke and keep sabotaging your success.


The SIMPLE TRUTH is this…


Whether you’re not quite where you want to be OR you’re looking to scale your business…

Sometimes it all just feels so overwhelming and you’re tired of trying to navigate it all on your own.

Do me a favor. Breathe first, save your seat second.

My 3-Step Amplify Your Business System is exactly what you need to help you achieve the next level of your business growth.


This is where I’ll take you behind the scenes and share all of the specific strategies I used to go from struggling business owner to multiple 6-figure Business Strategist in just one year. I’ll reveal every single snippet of information and what I continue to do to multiply my income year after year.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been there:

At first I was challenged to find, attract, and convert the right clients and to have enough of them consistently.

And then as my business started to grow, I needed the strategies to figure out the right revenue generation model that would bring my business to 6-figures.

And once I reached 6-figures, I needed to know how to do it again and multiply it.

My constant challenge was trying to figure out how to make more money and scale my business doing the work I love.

It took time and it wasn’t always easy, but I’ve figured it out. For myself and for my clients.

Now it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned to grow my business to nearly half a million year after year.

And I’m not about to complicate it with a dozen different methods to experiment with while you continue the challenge of growing your business.

No – I’m here to simplify. ​​​​​​​So you can simplify and grow with ease.

The way you were meant to grow.

Service-based. Heart-centered. Passion-driven.

Let’s add revenue-maximizing to that list.

It’s already hard enough.

You don’t need “more.” You need the right actions.

And that’s what these 3 days in Newport, Rhode Island are all about:​​​​​​​

Take the Confusion Out and Put Simple Business Strategies In


Are you a coach, strategist, healer, catalyst or change maker who wants to attract more clients with ease consistently?


Are you ready to *finally* bust through your blocks, have consistent revenue coming in and learn how to scale your business to 6-figures (and beyond!)


Are you tired of second guessing yourself and wondering what to do to reach the next level of growth?


Are you looking for a strategic plan that will help you simplify your marketing, increase your profits and make life easier?


What Other Business Amplifiers Say About Jeannie…

Diane had this result while attending Jeannie’s event “Yeah so this just happened, call from a high school friend in Virginia. She asked me to put together a proposal for an all day team building leaders training on December 6th!”

Diane Caine, Executive + Leadership Coach

“Having Jeannie Spiro as a business coach has been incredibly enlightening! I have gained new insights and tools about marketing my business that I never had. Jeannie instills new ways of thinking for me, giving me broader views and ideas of how to implement and monetize the gifts and benefits I have to offer to my clients. She is sensitive and compassionate and does her absolute best to come up with better solutions to have my business excel!”

Sunshine Beeson, Iridoligist

“Thank you everyone for an amazing event! I wish I could clone everyone of you in Minnesota!! Love and prosperity to all!”

Beth Desotelle, Massage Therapist + Coach

Hi, I’m Jeannie—and I’m a PRO at failing.

After getting my first coaching certification I started my business and began growing it.

Thinking I had everything I needed to succeed as a coach, I quit my 6-figure job, but 6 months later I was floundering, frustrated and broke.

Faced with having to return to my job, I put all my energy into growing my coaching business.

With a fire under me and 25 years in corporate sales, I worked hard to quickly reach 5-figure months. And 12 months later developed a 6-figure coaching business.

Simplify. Serve. Scale.

Once I scaled to 6-figures I knew I wanted to do it again (and NOT just stop at 6-figures…)

That’s when I developed my 3-Step Amplify Your Profits Framework allowing me to create a nearly half a million dollar service-based business year after year.

A business where I serve more people, make more money and have a life I love.

My business feeds my soul and has enhanced all areas of my life..allowing for more time with my family, my self-care and the chance to support transformational coaches, strategists, healers, catalysts and change makers with creating financial freedom in their lives.

Financial freedom has become a dream come true. It’s allowed me more riches than I could ever imagine….like taking time away with my family – ​​​when we went to Europe for two full weeks – shopping in boutiques in Florence, wine tasting in Tuscany, riding Gondolas in Venice, eating Black Forest Cake in Germany, touring the French countryside…memories I’ll hold close to my heart forever.

And while I was gone, my business took care of itself without needing me to run the day-to-day operations. Sweet relief! ​​​​​​​



“When I attended Jeannie Spiro’s Scale To Six event in 2018, I figured maybe I would leave with a couple of ideas, maybe meet a couple of interesting people, maybe hear a couple of things that could shift my perspective……

At the very first break on the very first day I felt that inner conviction that THIS was THE thing that was going to make the difference.

During the three days I received more clarity about my strengths and what I could offer, more focus on what I could do to achieve my goals and earn the money my work deserves and more confidence that I am absolutely on the right path for my business AND for my self.”

Brenda Crawshaw, SEO + Social Media Optimizer

Imagine that you have a business that makes it all possible for you, too.

You take your family on dream vacations, book private retreats for yourself, invest in your business success and live the way you’ve always dreamed you could.

You have the time and money to really shower yourself and those you cherish with care and love.

Like what you see?

Now’s your time to get these kinds of results. A business you love and a life that comes with it.

It’s time to stop the challenge of growing your business and learn ways to do it more simply and with ease. Come join me at The Amplify Event and you’ll finally get off the confusion train and discover how to…

  • Market your business (and attract clients) easily and effectively
  • Create more revenue in your business (and learn how to scale it to 6 figures and beyond)
  • Move from frustration and confusion to ease and clarity

We both know how valuable your work is, let’s grow and monetize it together, shall we?

Grow Your Movement. Simplify Your Marketing. Monetize Your Business.

“I had over 50 women attend my first retreat!”

“Our work together has bolstered my appearance on numerous podcasts and being selected as a TEDx speaker! After signing up to work with Jeannie I had over 50 women attend my first retreat – and the first time I generated revenue from one. “

Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery, Pastologist, Author, Transformational Leader


Where You’ll Take Action, Not Just Notes

There are so many events out there where you fill pages upon pages full of knowledge that you swear you’ll use later (but never get to).

This isn’t that event.

THE AMPLIFY EVENT! is a 3-day live event where you’ll learn and use simple strategies to attract more clients, grow your revenue and scale your business to 6-figures and beyond so you spend less time figuring out what to do and more time serving clients and enjoying your life by using The Amplify Your Profits Framework, my proven marketing, sales and business model system teaching.


“I have booked speaking engagements, created workshops and expanded my photography business”

“It’s hard to put into words how much Jeannie has changed my way of doing business. She helped me take all that I know is in me and all that I love doing and showed me how to monetize it.

I have booked speaking engagements, created workshops and expanded my photography business to include my work in mindfulness and meditation. My eyes have been opened and my mind has been expanded to see more possibilities for my business.”

Kim Fuller, Branding Photographer + Mindfulness Mentor

Tools You’ll Walk Away With After the Amplify Event…


Whether you’re struggling to attract more clients consistently or have a steady stream, you’ll discover The Amplify Your Movement System that will help you share your message, attract more ideal clients.


To reach 6-figures and multiply it again and again, you’ll need to learn The Amplify Your Marketing System. With speaking as your marketing driver you’ll be getting leads, clients and growing your business to 6+ figures faster.


With the right offers and the right business model, you’ll discover how to turn what you love to do into a profitable business. Ready to hit 6 or multiple 6-figures consistently? I’ll teach you my multiple 6-figure system.

  • MASTER YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE: ​So you convey what you do, ears perk up and wallets open.
  • CLIENT-ATTRACTING SIGNATURE TALKS: ​The formula to a blockbuster talk that attracts leads and clients like a magnet.
  • CLOSE THE ROOM: ​The secret to delivering a Non-sales-y Signature Talk and getting more clients than you can handle.
  • LEVERAGE YOUR SIGNATURE TALK: ​7 easy ways to use your talk to attract more clients.
  • PODCASTS, LIVESTREAMING + SOCIAL MEDIA: How to use them to attract more clients + build your list.
  • WEBINARS THAT ATTRACT: How and when to use webinars to grow your business.
  • PROFITABLE HIGH-CONVERTING EVENTS: That fill your programs with ease.


“October 17-19, 2018 changed my life forever. The synchronicities that lead up to me being at the Scale to Six event with Jeannie Spiro were nothing short of a string of miracles and my divine appointment to be present at this event is unquestionable. My mind tried to talk me out of it a few times (long days, my busy schedule, etc.) but I showed up and found that a surge of energy was coursing through me all day and only got stronger with each day.

I KNEW I was in the right place. I was impressed with the experience and Jeannie’s expertise. I had worked with other coaches before and none compared to her.The excitement built with every minute I was there. The workbook itself is invaluable. The exercises we did brought clarity and focus to the areas needing attention in my business. The people in the room were amazing and I bonded with so many who remain in my circle today.

You don’t just get Jeannie, you get her whole team and THAT meant the world to me. I knew I found my “dream team” at that event and I am so grateful I followed my intuition to be there. Before the event was even through, I had 5 speaking engagements booked. My business has never grown so fast or been so profitable since!”

Nicole Majik, Alchemy of Transformation Coach

  • MONEY MAKING SIGNATURE PROCESS: Turn your coaching work into a system that sells on repeat.
  • GROUP PROGRAMS + MASTERMINDS: ​How and when to add sold out masterminds to your business.
  • HIGH-END 1:1 PROGRAMS THAT SELL: How to price them so they’re flying off the shelf like hotcakes.
  • HEART-CENTERED SALES CONVERSATIONS THAT CLOSE: Without being sales-y and instead inviting people into the experience of what you have to offer.
  • THE STRATEGIC 6+FIGURE BUSINESS PLAN: ​The step-by-step plan to make 6+ figures in your business consistently.
  • RELEASING MONEY FEARS TO SOAR TO 6-FIGURES: Discover what’s possible and embrace your new 6-figure lifestyle.
  • DEVELOP YOUR 6-FIGURE MINDSET: ​So nothing will get in your way as you blow past your 6-figure goals.
  • 6-FIGURE DECISION MAKING: ​Know what and when to invest to go through the finish line of your 6-figure goal.

Step Into Your Next Level with New England’s Charm as the Backdrop of Your Next Big Business Breakthrough

Meaningful conversations with like-minded business owners.

An unparalleled community of people who are there to lift you up and support you in this all-important next phase of your business’ growth.

Real, no-holds-barred guidance from someone who has been where you are; who intimately understands what you’re going through, and who wants to share everything she learned and implemented on the way up.

Not to mention…

We’ll be hunkered down during training time at the event, but for mealtimes and after hours, you’ll enjoy a historic seaport city in New England. Known for its history, charm, restaurants, mansions, sailing community, the Tennis Hall of Fame – and for my Bachelorette fans – they recently shot some episodes here!)

Recently named No. 3 in America’s Most Charming Cities by Travel + Leisure, a one-stop resource for sophisticated travelers.

A premier location within walking distance of fascinating historic attractions, top-notch gourmet restaurants, upscale shopping, and entertainment galore.

And a venue with beautifully decorated meeting rooms, luxurious guest rooms and suites; a heated indoor pool and fitness center.

The VikingHotel not only evokes the spirit of Newport with its stunning views, but it also happens to be within easy reach of all the best that Rhode Island has to offer: history, culture, and a spectacular coastline that can easily rival the rest of New England.



Need a roommate? Want to network before the event? Join The Amplify Event Private Facebook Group.


You’ll leave with new friends, new connections and new growth opportunities + enjoy time with like-minded entrepreneurs.


This is an intimate event where you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and have a chance for a business hot seat!


To grow a thriving business, you need time and space. These 3 business building days are just the remedy!

Meet Our Amplify Speakers

Rachel Dunham

The Power of Personal Branding Within Your Business, and Why You Should Care

Candice Hozza

The Top 3 Secrets of Business Alignment

Brenda Crawshaw

Taking the OMG out of SEO

Sunshine Beeson

How Your Health and Emotions are Revealed Through Your Eyes

Lee Murphy Wolf

The Power of Groups

Bryna Haynes

Ask Better Questions, Create a Better Reality



Day 1 Schedule
Day 2 Schedule
Day 3 Schedule
Day 1 Schedule

7:30-8:45 Registration

9:00-10:30 General Session

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 General Session

12:15-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:30 General Session

3:30-4:00 Afternoon Break

4:00-5:30 General Session

5:30-7:30 Dinner on Own

7:30-9:00 Cocktail + Dessert Party

Day 2 Schedule

9:00-10:30 General Session

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 General Session

12:15-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:30 General Session

3:30-4:00 Afternoon Break

4:00-5:30 General Session

5:30-7:30 Dinner on Own

7:30-9:00 Evening Session

Day 3 Schedule

9:00-10:30 General Session

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 General Session

12:15-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:30 General Session

3:30-4:00 Afternoon Break

4:00-5:30 General Session

Our Guarantee

If after the first full day of attending Amplify 2019 you are not 100% satisfied, and wish to leave the event, we’ll refund the cost of your event ticket.

Simply hand in your materials and workbook upon departure, notify my staff of your dissatisfaction and we’ll provide a credit within 10 days of the event’s closing day.

Refunds and credits NOT provided for no shows or cancellations.

Don’t wait until your offers sell on autopilot, your bank account skyrockets, and you’re taking 3 months off to go to the Bahamas to join.

This event only opens once a year for 80 wonderful women business owners, and once the doors close there will be a river of emails saying “I’m in next year!”, “Wish I could!” and “Wait! I didn’t know the doors closed!”.

The fact is, if you put off coming to this event until “next year” or the “near future,” I can guarantee you’ll be wishing you had done it today. I hear it all the time from past attendees that this event was the catalyst for their first 5-figure months and the stepping stone to their first 6-figure year, and they were kicking themselves for not attending sooner.

If you’re feeling the pull to come, we can’t wait to welcome you in with open arms (and plenty of hugs!)

“I now have $12K months doing my transformational work!”

2 1/2 years ago I attended my first event with Jeannie. I knew I had a message and a strong desire to help more people, but I didn’t know how to put my message into words and attract more clients.

Within the first 3 hours of attending my first event I had my message, a signature talk and a business plan. Enrolling in Jeannie’s mastermind has changed my business. I now have $12K months and I’ve created a business doing work that transforms peoples lives and businesses.

If you’ve got the chance to attend one of her events, don’t miss out – they’re life changing!

Candice Hozza, Spiritual Strategist

Got Questions?

I’m Here to Answer Them…

How many guests do you expect?

While we try to hold space for as many people as we can, we like to aim for around 80 entrepreneurs to allow as much coaching to take place as possible.

What should I wear to the event?

Love that you’re thinking ahead.

Definitely business casual for the event, and then something nice for the cocktail party reception later.

How can I find a roommate or get to know guests before the event?

Our Private Facebook group is perfect for this sort of thing! Make sure you join the group and write an introductory post. Can’t wait to surround you in virtual hugs in the group!

Will I have the chance to interact with Jeannie?

Absolutely. Because this is such an intimate event, I’ve designed it so you can have access to me throughout the event. You’ll be able to ask questions, chat about your business, and even grab a selfie or two!

Where should I stay?

The entire Amplify 2019 event takes place at the beautiful Hotel Viking, 1 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, November 4-6, 2019.

Roughly 40 minutes from TF Green airport (PVD), it’s easy to drive to, Uber ride or take luxury transportation to the hotel.

The event is located downtown and is within walking distance to trendy restaurants, cafes, historic mansions and the waterfront. Guests appreciate the food, culture and overall experience of being in this small, easy to manage city.

We have a limited room block at the Hotel Viking, but there are hotels, inns and B&B’s all within walking distance to the hotel.

What happens if I have to cancel?

Life happens and plans change—I totally get that. Due to space limitations and costs, we can’t issue refunds. If you have a friend who would love to take your seat please invite them to take your place.


Email us at customercare(at) and we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you have. 

Quick Recap of What to Expect From Amplify:

  • A network of women looking to lift you up (some of whom may become your best supporters and friends!)
  • Money-Making Systems and process geared to getting clients in your funnel and passive streams generating revenue.
  • Key Principles to help you leverage your speaking events to attract more of your dream clients.
  • A complete business plan (with input from the experts) to help you know how to achieve your 2019/2020 goals and beyond!

It would be an absolute pleasure having you at Amplify 2019, I so hope you decide to join us.

When you look back, I promise it will be an event not to be missed!



** Spots Limited to 80 People **



Jeannie Spiro, respected business coach for women

The Amplify Event is sponsored by:

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