This post is for all those who are trying to pursue growing their own solo business while working their j.o.b….

It’s simple really, I didn’t see my saw me first.

I didn’t know that an entrepreneur existed within me…but with just a tiny spark it started to grow.

It wasn’t the ideal time to start a business with a full time corporate job, a husband, two teenagers and a busy life. I was told to wait. I was told to contain my dream and not pursue it until my kids were raised but once the spark was lit I couldn’t contain it.

The journey has been rough and rocky at times. The doubts and fears nearly crippled me but the idea of not making my business a reality were far worse than all of those rocky moments.

My message is very simple and very clear—if you want to become an entrepreneur and eventually leave your job behind then you must start taking the actions that will lead to it. So here are a few things to work on:

1. Take Control–Stop thinking of all the challenges you have and start navigating them.

2. Take Action–Every day take some type of action that will lead you to your dream.

3. Start Saving--If you want your dream badly enough and money is an issue then stop spending carelessly and frivolously and start saving.

4. Stop Wasting Time–If you don’t think you have the time then look very closely on how you’re spending it right now—I bet you will find that you do.

I promise that if you give up on your dream without really trying you will give up a piece of your soul—


Your Turn:

In the comments below I’d love to hear from you. Are you trying to grow your business while still on the job? What seems to be getting in your way?



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