How to Create Content for Your Blog–Part One

There’s one assumption with online businesses, that a website is essential. At one time a website was all you needed, however as more people have started a business a new trend has occurred, websites have turned into blogsites.

Blogs were created as a way for anyone to use it to provide an online commentary. In time they became an engagement marketer and business owner’s dream by developing into a vehicle where they could offer a variety of content and engage with their market before they purchased anything.

I encourage all of my clients who want to develop a business, especially a service based one online, to have a blogsite. It’s not only good for engagement marketing but will help your rankings in the search engines.

However, to have a blog and never post on it or figure out a way to attract your market to it isn’t the objective. That’s why having a blog content strategy is the key to a successful blog and that’s where you need to start.

A content strategy starts with knowing what your objectives and goals are, in essence to quote Stephen Covey, “You must start with the end in mind”. So before you begin gathering information, consider what your blog purpose is. Once you know it then you can begin gathering content.

Begin by thinking about your overall mission and what type of community you want to create on your blog. Is your blog for commentary, information sharing, advertising?

Consider how you would like to deliver the content; written, video (vlog), audio and or a combination of all.

Once you know the plan then you’ll want to look for content to incorporate in your blog strategy? Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • Answer commonly asked questions you receive from your clients and or market
  • Interview experts who can share relevant content with your audience
  • Create a training series or multi part article around one of your themes
  • Make a Top 10 list-example-you’re a Productivity Coach—make a top 10 list of ways to increase productivity during the work day
  • Search competitor blogs and re-write a hot topic theme using your spin, your approach and opinion
  • Create a daily theme-Monday Magic, Tuesday Treasures, Wild Wednesdays-you get the idea

Bonus tip: Always end your posts with a question to invite engagement. Ask them if they have any tips or pointers they’d like to share. Ask the what their biggest challenge is around that topic. Remember, conversations lead to clients.

Keep your content fresh, interesting and relevant. You’ll then have readers bookmarking your site and coming back frequently for more.

Remember, your blog is only one part of your total marketing approach, however since it’s on your website you may want to consider it your business hub. Drive all your marketing efforts back to your blogsite to maximize your efforts.  

Next week’s article is about “How to drive traffic to your blog” so make sure you come back to check it out.

Your Turn:

  1. Have you created a purpose for your blog? Do you know where to get relevant content and create engagement on your blog?
  2. What’s your biggest blogging or vlogging challenge?

2 thoughts on “How to Create Content for Your Blog–Part One”

  1. Hi, Jeannie,
    You are so right! Having a Purpose for the Blog is an absolute must. Until recently my blogging had become rather hit and miss, as I am traveling quite a bit escorting groups around the world. You would think that gives a lot of material for posting, and it does, but it is the Time Factor that kept pushing writing new posts behind.
    I finally found something that is beginning to work for me. I have begun hosting an online radio talk show; writing the script, or at least a detailed outline, for each week’s show is providing me with plenty of material for blogging. I can take segments of the script, and post those segments individually as blog posts. I plan to further develop this by repurposing those same blog posts as video blogs, and the scripts, themselves, will become the chapters in the e-book I have always wanted to write! The show is all about the ins and outs of planning group travel, everything from church trips to destination weddings, cruises, family reunions, performance tours, fundraising travel, etc.
    This has also paradoxically freed up just enough of my time that I can now foresee blogging about those other pesky travel issues I used to toy with on the blog: packing light, looking fashionable while traveling, travel safety for women, and so forth.

    1. Melani,
      Thanks for your message and tips. Good for you, it really sounds like you’ve got a great
      blog strategy now. The repurposing piece and is such a help isn’t it?

      Thanks for chiming in!

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