Don’t Let These Common Concerns Stop You From Speaking

A lot of entrepreneurs hold themselves back from doing the very thing that can be the fastest path to more clients and sales, speaking.

Many avoid it like the plague and prefer to spend their time doing marketing tasks like social media marketing and blogging, which have a longer return on their time investment simply because of their fear of speaking and yet they continue to complain and worry because they don’t have enough clients or revenue coming in the door.

But I see it all the time, those who speak at events, networking meetings, on podcasts, teleseminars, webinars and telesummits grow their business faster.

And I’m living proof of it’s effectiveness because speaking online was the very thing that catapulted my business and allows me to get new clients, build my mailing list, boost my credibility and visibility and sell my course, products and services and it’s not just been effective only for me, my clients have seen massive growth too.

However entrepreneurs hold themselves back from speaking all the time because they don’t know what to do, how to get speaking gigs, what to speak about, how to come up with content and what to sell.

But as you’ll see from the stories below, speaking can dramatically shift your business:

“I shy away from speaking”

Take Wendy Sabin, CPA and Seven Figure Profit Strategist who at the beginning of her business was struggling with overwhelm for all the things she needed to do to grow her business. She had been shying away from speaking and after working together and crafting her signature talk and developing her first teleseminar she got several clients.

“I didn’t know what I was doing”

The Story Stylist, Gayle Nowak had a strong PR and marketing background but hadn’t run her own business before. Eager to get more clients, revenue and eyes on her business I showed her how to use teleseminars to quickly make the necessary shifts she was looking for. Because of what she learned working together she’s been using teleseminars consistently, which has resulted in growing her list seven-fold and successfully launching her first program, which brought in thousands in revenue. Gayle is now a sought after speaker both live and online.

“I kept procrastinating because I didn’t know what to do”

Then there’s Ramona Remesat, Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Master. Ramona had been putting off speaking for some time. She knew she wanted to reach more people with her message and had been considering hosting a teleseminar but kept putting it off. She held her first teleclass with outstanding results, over 140 people registered for her call, over 40 people asked for a consultation with her and within weeks she filled her practice. She then went on to secure local speaking engagements and continues to hold teleseminars and is a frequent guest speaker online.

So what do you need to start speaking to get clients, sell your services and earn the revenue you want? You need to have a clear marketing message, a signature talk that sells and a strategic speak marketing plan. All things my clients learn in my Expansion Coaching Club 

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of these incredible women and make this year your year to shine, then consider joining me in the Expansion Coaching Club. We start May 6th and there are only 4 more spots available. Click here to apply and set up a time to speak with Jeannie and let's get your message out into the world and get you making money from it!

I’d love to hear from you, what keeps you from speaking as a way to grow your business? Let me know in the comments below. 

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