Cleaner Eating and Living at Midlife with Christa Lyons

Cleaner Eating and Living at Midlife with Christa Lyons

Done with the diet roller coaster but want to feel your best while growing your business at midlife? This week’s episode is for you…

If you’re anything like me, you know the importance of taking care of yourself. The problem is, sometimes when we’re growing a business, we put our self care on the back burner and everything we don’t want to happen happens.

As hard as I tried to fight it, my weight kept climbing year after year. The more my business grew, the  more work I put into it, the more clients I took on – the more weight I gained.

I tried the diets. Tried fitness programs. They were all temporary fixes.

It wasn’t until I decided to change my entire approach to running my business and taking care of myself that the weight began to release and I started feeling the best I’ve felt in years.

While there’s no race and I’m seeing this as an empowered way of living, I made several conscious decisions that have allowed me to make this journey a whole lot easier.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to this week’s guest. Christa Lyons is not only a client who originally joined me in my Accelerate Program and is now in my Influencer Mastermind, she’s one of the guides supporting me with this journey.

Christa is a certified health coach and an advocate for healthy living. She helps midlife women lose weight and get their mojo back using a whole foods approach so that they can feel comfortable and confident in their bodies again.

She's my special guest in this week's episode where we dive into:

  • How she found her passion at midlife and her path to health coaching.
  • Why she believes that the all or nothing approach to diets is too restrictive and how eating and living mostly clean is the way to go.
  • What helps weight loss at midlife.
  • The little signs to look for when transitioning to a cleaner diet.
  • Her approach to eating and living healthy (and how she helps other midlife women navigate the journey in the most supportive way).

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