Bust money blocks this summer (it’s not what you think!)

August 24, 2019

Bust money blocks this summer

There are two camps of people I see floating around the internet this summer.

The first is people who have convinced themselves the summer is always slow. So they shut down from making offers in their business.

They haven’t really figured out how to consistently book clients and monetize their offers.

They’ve backed themselves into a corner and they’re unwilling to tweak and test their offers for fear of failure.

They feel burnt out and tired, but can’t seem to stop trying to get ahead.

Then there’s the second camp.

If you take a look at instagram right now, here’s what you’ll likely see:

A sunny image of a lady in a bikini on a pristine beach, head slightly tilted back in a laugh with a bottle of rose and half empty glass on a tray next to her.

The caption will say something like, “My month-long vacay in Bali! Such a dream to have a job where I can take a month off and MAKE money!”

Meanwhile, it’s a Wednesday and I’m here with my bluelight-blocking glasses on, surrounded by my half eaten breakfast, piles of notes, and logged into 50+ tabs.

With no big vacation in sight.

Here’s the thing.

My husband and I are both entrepreneurs —he’s in the sailing business and the summer is his busy season.

Which means we COULD take a week or more off for a vacation, or he could work and stash away some extra cash for the slower season.

So this year, rather than taking an extended summer vacation, we’ve decided to make every weekend this summer a long weekend.

We either take Fridays or Mondays off to go to Cape Cod to visit our daughter, go to the ocean (yes – the same beaches where there have been shark attacks and shark sightings this past year, yikes!)

Shark attacks aside, we love to swim in freshwater ponds, go to the Wellfleet Drive-In, see plays at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, eat lobster salad rolls, sip Rose, listen to live music and go to Provincetown.

Basically, we pack a week full of adventures into the three days we have every weekend. And it’s glorious.

We don’t go out every weekend, though.

Our weekends spent at home are three days filled of beach time, reading historical fiction – (I’m currently reading “The Traitor’s Wife” right now,) and meeting friends for live music, cocktails, calamari and clam chowder at The Black Pearl.

During these mini getaways, we work very hard to be present and not use our phones.

We just got back from Block Island after 2 days without a phone and it was the most wonderful way to fully escape.

We may not be taking off weeks at a time to go to the vineyards in Italy or flying our private jet to Hawaii…

…but we still manage to get the same rest and rejuvenation we’d get from such a trip.

Taking time for ourselves hasn’t always been easy. As you can imagine, a partnership with two entrepreneurs has made for some very late nights and working weekends. More than I care to admit.

But we’ve realized something:

When we take time out of our business and focus on who and what we value most—our businesses do better and we jump back into work with more excitement than before.

For example, here’s a sneak peek into what’s going on in my business as I’m intentionally tuning out this summer:

My mastermind is continuing to fill. I’ve generated an additional $25K this month while working only 3-4 days a week.

And my clients – well…in what might be considered a slow time of year…

🤑 One had her first $10K month

🤑 Another had her first $30K month

🤑 And another made more in one day than in the position she once held that required her to get her masters degree.

Most of my clients in July had one of their best months in business ever – thanks to a process I’ve taught them to infuse revenue into their business. All while making sure to take time off.

Here’s a not-so-secret secret for busting your summer money blocks:

You don’t have to take a month off to get these results.

You don’t have to have X amount of money in the bank and be X years into your business.

All you need to do is schedule time off in your business where you don’t work, don’t answer emails in quiet moments and don’t organize what you’re going to do when you get off.

Just take time to play, rest, and reconnect with your values.

Afterwards, do me a favor and let me know what happens.

It may be a small change, at first…

…a bit more creativity

…more excitement to work

…you’re more curious about your business

But soon it will grow, and your clients will feel it.

Will you do me one more favor before that one, though?

Comment below and tell me:

1) where you’re going on your next vacation, and

2) what you plan on doing while you’re there.

I love hearing where my readers go to get a bit of R&R, and who knows! You might inspire my next vacation. 😉



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