“How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog–Part Two”

In last week’s article I shared some tips about creating content for your blog. I wanted to share some of my strategies for driving more traffic to your blog to build your business, create further engagement and or increase your sales.

It’s all well and good to have a blog but if no one sees it then what’s the point? No matter what the purpose behind your blog the key to more visitors is driving traffic to it.

What you need to accomplish this is a traffic driving blog strategy. This doesn’t need to be difficult, in fact you use any or all of the strategies below to help you direct more visitors to your blog.

Here are a few tips to drive more readers to your blog:

  1. Tweets and Posts-along with a blog strategy you should have a social media marketing strategy to help you build your business. One of the best ways to use social media to create further engagement, sell or build your business is to create tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts to direct people to content and or posts and articles on your blog. You can scatter them and preschedule them throughout your social media streams to direct your followers back to your blogsite.

  2. Networked Blogs-you can import your blog to Networked Blogs on Facebook.

  3. Article Directories-although this is an indirect approach this will direct people back to our blog to review other articles/posts you’ve created and learn more about you. Become a contributor for article directories and in your press box include a link to your website.

  4. Guest Posting-another indirect approach is to become a guest writer/contributor on complimentary blogs. You’ll be able to share your blogsite link for readers to follow to your site.

  5. Post on other Blogs-again another indirect approach but will help you direct people back to learn more about you. Always include your blogsite when you post on other blogs so readers can click on your link and learn more about you.

  6. Share Buttons-set up your blogsite with Shareaholic and other wordpress plug ins so that readers can share your content on social media. Make it easy for them to make your content go viral.

These are some very basic tips to help drive traffic back to your blog. Can you see how effective they can be if you have a specific strategy around them?

Bonus Tip: What happens when readers arrive and post on your blog? As a general rule of them I recommend that you set up your blog to be able to moderate reader’s comments. After you’ve reviewed them don’t forget to comment and thank them for their feedback too.

Your Turn:

  1. Do you have a blog building strategy that you’d like to share that’s worked for you? Go ahead and share it below.  
  2. What’s your biggest stumbling block with getting more traffic to your blog? Share your comments with me over on my blog!

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