Tips for Using LinkedIn to Leverage Your Business

I recently read that a well-known internet marketing guru decided to shut down his LinkedIn account. It was a bold move that got him a lot of comments on his blog. Mostly people were wondering why he would disconnect his account considering it’s a top social media site.

The reason he chose to do it was because he knew that his market wasn’t going to follow him there and that he had better traction using other social media streams such as Facebook and Twitter. What he didn’t say was that he also has a very well established business and no longer needed to spend time building his business and connections in LinkedIn.

For the average new business owner I think it’s not necessarily the best move. As you may have heard, social media is where it’s at. The top streams are still Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and now Pinterest. One of the top questions my clients ask is “Do I need to be everywhere?” and my answer is, “Yes and No”.