Are You Sabotaging Your 6-Figure Dream?

Whether you're doing it on purpose or you don't realize you're doing it, there's a decent chance you're sabotaging your 6-figure dream?

So many coaches and business owners are working tirelessly to cross 6-figures, yet for some reason they never hit the mark.

Why is that?

If you feel like you're trying desperately to hit 6-figures and you're still not there, watch the video below to discover what may be in your way.

I've detailed what you may be doing and thinking that's getting in your way.

After taking my failing business to 6-figures in 12 months.

Mindset: Do you need to shift your focus? Is 6-figures too unrealistic at the moment? Trying setting a realistic goal. Not that 6-figures isn't great, set another before.

Focus: Part of the reason why it's hard to reach your financial goals is because there's so many things to focus on every day. You're going to need to get your bright shiny objects out of the way. Your job as hard as it might be, put a bit more structure into your business – focus on treating your business as a business. Look at revenue generation as a project within your business.

Stop Stacking Marketing Strategies: If you're using every single marketing strategy you can, stop doing that. It's time to focus on strategies that quickly lead to lead generation. If you're looking to bring in more clients, meet them where they are. Start using active, leveraged marketing strategies. I use speaking and you can too.

Lead generation is an essential part of creating a 6-figure business. If you don't have a solid lead generation strategy in place, guess what – you'll never make your revenue goals.

Okay, so I want you to take out a piece of paper and write down what you're currently doing for your marketing. List everything you're doing. If you're not doing much if anything – then we know the answer to why you're not getting leads.

But if you're doing a ton of marketing and still not bringing in enough leads, you my friend have a marketing and lead generation problem you need to fix right now!

Now I'd love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below how many marketing strategies you're working on right now. Then tell me what you think is helping your bring in more clients. 

I'd love to know!

And…..if you're realizing that you need to work on your lead and revenue generation strategies, we should talk. Especially if you're a coach or service-based business owner who's struggling to get more clients. 

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I'll be happy to show you what you need to focus on first to start generating more money in your business.



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