7 Quick Tips Your Website “About” Page Can Sell You

January 23, 2013

With a good About page you can probably close a prospect.

With a bad About page you’ll never see a prospect again.

With an awesome About page –well, you’re probably on your way to your next client.

Admit it, you know you’ve done it too.

You happen upon a website and one of the first pages you read is the About page.

Why shouldn’t you, you need to know who it is you’re checking out right?

Your future clients are doing the same thing when they land on your website and it’s up to you to let them know if they should stick around and become your next client.

This article is written to help you create an awesome About page. Simply follow the recommendations (some you may have already done–just check them off) and start optimizing your page.

The benefit to doing this- more clients you want and less of those you don’t want.

If you have done all of these things let me know in the comments below and if you have a tip or two I’d love it if you’d offer them to us too.

Tip #1: Tell Your Story

If you have a service based business then you’re going to be attracting clients who want to learn more about you before they invest in working with you.

It’s your job to reassure them that you’ve been where they are and you know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Tell them about where you once were and how you overcame the obstacles to get to where you are today. You can read my journey  and see how my venture into entrepreneurship started.

Tip #2: Showcase Your Credentials

Women in particular usually fall short in this area. When I first start working with my clients I usually see that they haven’t shown their accomplishments, accolades and key positions or credentials.

There’s no greater proof of your qualification than showing what they are. Include all of them, even those you may not think are relevant.

Tip #3: Include Professional Photos (close enough counts when you’re just starting out)

Because you’re a professional you need to be treated as such. I’ve seen two typical problems with photos. The first is that most people forget to include them and the second is that amateur photos are being used.

Even if you can’t afford the fees of a professional photographer you can go to JcPenny, Sears, Picture People or even ask a friend or relative to take a picture of you with a high quality camera.

Tip #4: Show Your Personality and Or Person

Use language that reflects your personality. If your About page is too stiff and standard people will notice. Even if you hire a copywriter to help you with your website you want to make sure they nail this page for you. Speak reflecting your personality. Even consider including a brief mention of what you love doing in your off time.

Tip #5: Use Photos to Show the Many Sides of You

Along with having a nice professional shot of you, consider showing what you’re like in your down time. Favorite places you’ve been, important clients you’ve worked with or mentors you’ve worked with. Let your future clients see the many sides of you.

Tip #6: Use Video

If you really want to share more about you then use a video to tell your story or showcase your journey. It doesn’t have to be long but it should have impact.

Tip #7: Call to Action-Add a Link to Your Services and or Contact Page

At the end of your page don’t forget to invite prospects to learn more about the many ways they can work with you. Include a link to your services page and or a link for them to email you to learn how they can start working with you.

There are plenty of additional other ways you can optimize your About page but starting with these seven tips will help you create a more professional image and allow prospects to take the next step with you.

None of these tips are difficult but all require a few extra minutes of your time.

Think there’s anything I may be missing? What else would you add? Let me know in the comments below.

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