Many moons ago I went to Health Coaching school. It was my first experience with online learning and I was immediately hooked.

I loved the learning, the connections and the opportunity to step into imagining what I could do and be as a business owner.

While many of my classmates were claiming their niche and posting about their successes with clients, all I could think was, “What’s my niche? Who am I going to work with? What am I going to do?”

And for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out.

It took me multiple attempts at figuring out my niche before I got it right, but the thing I learned in the process was…the more specific I got about what I do, who I help and what I offer…the faster I got clients and the more money I could make.

In today’s video lesson I’m sharing the four keys that I discovered that helped me reach my revenue goals faster.

Now let’s do some work on this…

If you want to make more money in your business, take out a pen and paper and do the following exercises right now:

  1. Write out what makes you unique. Compare yourself (without judgement) to other leaders or on-level competitors and write out what distinguishes you from them.
  2. How can you break away from the pack? If everyone is going left, why do you need to too? Go right? Forge a different path. If everyone is on Facebook – branch out and claim space on Instagram.
  3. Are you creating the highest possible value in your programs and service offerings? Don’t be average. Don’t offer just enough. Be willing to go above and beyond. In my Revenue Makers Mastermind I want to make sure all of my clients are supported in every way possible. Thus I offer two Q&A calls per month and make sure I stay on the calls until everyone who’s attended has a chance to get coaching support. My motto…no client gets left behind. What are the ways you can make sure you’re adding value to your clients and in your business?
  4. Ask yourself this, is there anything in particular that you’re really great at in your business? Are you showcasing that at all or enough? Is your niche tight enough? Do people look at you like you have three heads when you explain what you do? Don’t be afraid to narrow down and lead with your specialization, it will help you reach your revenue goals faster.

Okay…there you have it. Please do these exercises and let me know below what’s coming up for you. Which area can you tackle first to help you move closer to your revenue goals?

Aren’t reaching your revenue goals and want a plan for faster growth? Wishing growing your business wasn’t such a constant challenge? Wanting to be part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs who love learning how to create revenue on their terms?

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Jeannie Spiro

is a Business Strategist specializing in helping heart-centered, lifestyle focused entrepreneurs grow and monetize their coaching or service-based business.
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