4 Keys to a Signature Talk that Actually Converts Clients

February 10, 2016


Picture this…you’ve gotten a great speaking gig, you’re in front of your ideal clients (a whole room of them in fact), you’ve prepared your presentation, overcome your nerves and step on stage with total confidence.

In your mind you’re thinking, “I’ve got this! There’s no way this room of ideal clients isn’t going to sign up for my offer”.

You deliver an amazing talk, make an offer for them to work with you, expecting them to rush to the front of the room to accept your offer, not a single audience member moves. Instead they just sit in their seats and politely applaud.

So you make another offer, reminding them to register before they leave, but they don’t move…other than to come shake your hand and say things like, “That was so inspiring, I learned so much. You’re a wonderful speaker, I’m so glad I came to hear you speak”.

Behind your smile you’re holding back tears, frustration and anger. You were banking on this talk converting clients. You did everything you knew how to do to create a sales presentation that would convert clients, yet no one did and you’re left wondering, “Why didn’t anyone sign up for my offer?”

First off, don’t give up the ship. Really! Speaking to attract clients is such a leveraged way to get more clients. The reason you’re not converting is because you just don’t know how to do it. Today I’m going to show you how.

Before I do, you may be wondering if it’s worth doing it again….the answer to that is YES! Speaking works. Let me show you exactly why in this not so secret “secret formula”:

The Formula in Action: Let’s say you create a coaching program of $1,500. You then design a presentation all about the benefits of how that program can solve your ideal clients challenges. You then secure a 30 minute speaking gig (or host your own webinar or teleseminar) in front of your ideal clients. Let’s say you’re in front of 20 people. You then deliver an amazing talk and 50% of the audience rushes to the back of the room to speak with you about how they can work with you. You book Strategy Sessions with them and in those sessions determine if you’re a great fit. Let’s say 50% of them are. From just one 30 minute speaking gig you’ve now just made $7,500. Now you rinse and repeat.

Think about this. If you give just one gig per month to the right audience with the right talk, you’re making $90,000 a year all from the same talk. Now doesn’t it seem worth it to nail this down?

Exactly how do you do that then? If you’re wanting to use speaking as a strategy to attract clients then listen up. Here are four things you need to do to make your next speaking engagement profitable:

Step 1: Offer a Sales Conversation

Your talk needs to start with the end in mind. So many coaches and consultants are out speaking and not converting. One of the main reasons I see talks fail is because the speaker makes the wrong offer. Think about it, if you’ve just heard someone speak for 30 minutes for the first time and they ask you to pay $1,500 + are you going to slap down your credit card? I think not!

When you speak for 5, 20, 30 or maybe even up to 60 minutes the easiest way to let them take the next step with you is to have a conversation. Unless you have a course or program you’ve created that’s very specific and priced appropriately, most people aren’t going to buy on the spot. They are however going to take you up on a conversation.

So the offer you make from your talk should be a sales conversation.

Step 2: Nail Your Story

Many coaches and consultants get this wrong too. They either tell the wrong story, tell one that’s too long and drags on and on or they gloss over it entirely. Your story MUST be in your talk. This is a non-negotiable.

The key to your story is that it must directly relate to where your ideal clients are. For example, if I tell a detailed story about how I quit my last job but my audience is there to listen to my “Client Converting Talks” presentation, don’t you think they want to know how I became an expert in speaking to attract clients? The story needs to relate back to what you’re talking about. This way you can build the like, know and trust they need to connect with you.

Step 3: Share the Message of Your Talk

Here’s another area many speakers fall short. They deliver a talk that lacks passion. As soon as I started talking about why I believe speaking is the fastest way to attract clients I started to create a polarizing talk. That’s what you want to do. What do you believe is so important about what you’re talking about that your audience needs to know? You’ve got to stand up and pretend you’re shouting it from the rooftops. It’s in your message and the passion for what you believe that people react.

Step 4: Stop Over Delivering (we can only handle up to 3-5 points)

I see this all the time. Too many talks are designed where the speaker throws in everything they know about their topic. This is a “Talk Killer”. You must design your talk in such a way that you consolidate your thoughts. The easiest way I know how to do that is by using your signature system as a basis for the foundation for your talk.

For example, I have an upcoming program I’m releasing all about how to use speaking to attract clients. Their are 5 modules in the program. In a 60 minute webinar I can review each of the modules. In a 30 minute talk I can deliver the same information but reduce the amount of content.

The point is, I’m offering content that’s valuable, not too much and will directly lead my audience to my offer.

Here’s What You Need to Do Next: 

In the comments below:

Which of the above four steps do YOU get tripped up on? Is there an area you need to improve upon? If so, which one(s)? Let me know in the comments below, okay?


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