3 ways to make your coaching packages more irresistible

One of the things I enjoy about coaching is getting to work with other coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to help them design their income streams.

When we begin our work together I help them determine the various packages and service offerings they can create that will help them make money. They often hire me at their breaking point – unable and unsure why they’re not making money in their business. It’s when I look at their current offerings that I can clearly see why they’re not having any success.

What you need to know as a business owner is that your clients want you to make their decision easy. They want you to provide a solution that’s so clear that all they have to do is say “yes” and send you the payment.

It’s no wonder most coaches and service-based entrepreneurs are going broke. They simply don’t know how to irresistible packages and sell them.

To avoid this in your business here are 3 ways to make your packages more irresistible:

1-  Know What They Want

When you know what your ideal clients want it’s easier to create offers for them. I’ve developed private 1:1 programs, mastermind programs and courses after taking the time to fully understand what my clients want to buy. The easiest way to do this is to find out what your competitors offer and offer something similar (not the same).

2-  Provide Enticing Bonuses

I want you to think of bonuses as the icing on the cake. Often times it’s the extra perk that makes you say “yes” to an offer. It’s the same with your packages. When you create your offers what can you add in as a bonus that will make your ideal client say “yes”?

Examples are: complimentary books, a subscription to a magazine, a ticket to your annual event, entry into all of your online programs at no additional cost.

When I designed my newest online course, “Make Money Online”, I added a no-brainer bonus of a ticket to my annual live event, “Attract Your Clients Online-LIVE!” Now when someone enrolls in the course they get a $97 ticket to the event and save $400. How can you do something like that in your business?

3-  Sell the Benefits not the Features

This took me a long time to understand – I always thought it was more important to know what each program included. But it’s more important to tell your ideal clients what an offering will do for them (the result) vs. how many coaching calls they’ll get.

Now don’t get me wrong, you need to lay out the features of your offers but in each of your sales conversations, on your website, sales pages and emails you must clearly explain how the offering you provide will provide the outcome they want. (You can see how I’ve done that on my services page here.)

Action: Take a look at your offerings. Ask yourself these questions: “Am I offering what my ideal clients really want?”, “Am I offering enticing bonuses they can’t resist?”, “Am I selling the benefits more than the features?”

I’d love to hear your questions about how to create packages that are irresistible. Click here to let me know on my blog.

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