As entrepreneurs we often think our job is to constantly recreate the wheel.

But if you think about it, if you can repurpose a blog post, why can’t you repurpose a signature talk?

The answer is…you absolutely can AND should.

Don’t assume that you need to write multiple signature talks and sales presentations. To get started attracting clients all you need is one great presentation.

Once you’ve developed the backbone of your signature talk, you can use it many different ways.

Here’s what I mean by this…

Your signature talk should essentially be used as a tool to attract clients, in which you use it to speak directly to their problem and introduce your solution to it.

Most entrepreneurs assume they can only use their signature talk in front of a live audience. But a talk can be used in so many more ways.

Here are 3 Ways to Get More Mileage Out of One Signature Talk:

Turn Your Talk Into a Webinar or Teleseminar

Back in the good old days when I barely had time to get out of my house to grow my business, I used to host monthly teleseminars.

Not only was it a great way to build my mailing list, but it allowed me to offer my signature talk from the comfort of my own home and still generate new leads and clients every month.

At the time, Facebook Ads didn’t even exist so I relied on partnering with colleagues to share my presentation with their list.

Each and every month I delivered the same presentation to other colleagues communities and never once created a new presentation.

Doing this truly helped me to become known for that topic. On top of that, the more I did it the more visible I became. And the more visible I became, the more offers I’d get to speak on other stages both live and virtually.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to a conference and someone told me that they’d been on my mailing list because another colleague hosted my teleseminar.

Can you see how this strategy can really make your life easier?

Turn Your Talk Into a Podcast Interview

Another way you can use your signature talk to attract clients is to be a podcast guest.

Once again, you’re simply taking your signature talk using it in another delivery format.

Typical podcasts last anywhere from 20-30 minutes and they usually include being interviewed by a host.

This is another easy, yet effective way to build your list and offer sales conversations with you at the same time.

All you need is to extract questions from your signature talk that someone might ask you about your topic.

For example, my signature talk is all about using speaking to attract clients, I’ve created five questions a podcast host can ask me that relate to this topic.

It’s the same content, just used in a different way.

Turn Your Talk Into a Workshop

Now hear me out on this, a workshop doesn’t have to be a big, scary thing. What if you offered a small workshop in your home, office or even a low cost meeting space?

All you do is take your signature talk and add exercises and make the process interactive.

At the end of it you can make an offer to take what they learned further and work with you at the next level.

It took me a really long time to figure this out (I’m not quite sure why – probably because I was making growing a business harder than it needed to be).

But it doesn’t have to be this way for you. In a few weeks I’ll be hosting a free webinar all about how to use speaking to fill your calendar with sales conversations. Make sure to sign up below to be the first to know about it as soon as dates are finalized.

In the mean time, comment below and let me know what’s the biggest challenge you’re having with attracting your most ideal clients? I’d LOVE to hear!

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Jeannie Spiro

Jeannie Spiro is a Speaking Strategist, Sales & Business Coach specializing in helping her clients speak their way to more clients through signature talks, webinars, workshops and online courses. She lives outside Newport, Rhode Island with her husband, kids (when they’re not in college) and their perfectly imperfect dog, Posey. When not enjoying life in Rhode Island, she and her family enjoy spending time on the beaches of Cape Cod, St. John, Block Island and Florida and the ski slopes of Canada and New Hampshire.
Jeannie Spiro
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