3 Simple Ways to Get Your First or Next Client

April 26, 2012

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If we could all blink and get clients then life as a coach or client-based business owner would be pretty easy, but the reality is that it takes work and marketing your business regularly and systematically to gain clients. Many falsely assume that even when they do follow everything in sequence that you will instantaneously get clients.

I want to reassure you that it will happen. It just takes time, diligence and patience on your part, but it will happen.

My clients who are working to grow their business often ask, I’ve doing all the things, why am I not getting clients?

The answer is that you need to use a repeatable marketing system, one that works for you and attracts the right clients. You do it daily, weekly, monthly…and as long as you have a business.

But how long is it going to take before I get my first client? they ask.

That’s the billion dollar question and the answer is that it depends.

I know you don’t want to hear that but to get more clients or even your first one you need to be effective at your marketing and you need to work on it nearly every day.

Every day?!!, how is that possible?”  Well it is possible, but you need to work on it regularly and you need to know what to do.

Now because most of my clients are employees and or moms I suggest that they work on their marketing efforts a minimum of 30 minutes per day and at least another chunk of time per week of no less than 4 hours. For those of you without a job and or busy family life you will certainly have more time to devote, however a general rule of thumb to see fast results is to work on your business marketing at least 8 hours per week.

Everyone always asks me “How much time do you devote to marketing your business Jeannie?” my answer is, roughly 90 minutes every weekday evening and 6 hours on the weekend. This is just marketing—not time with clients or running my business. This is dedicated marketing time and by doing this consistently I’ve gone from very few clients to a full practice.

My private clients always ask, “How do I get my first or next client?”

Here are three very simple things you need to do or have in place to get your first and or next client:

1.    Fabulous Free Offer:  For anyone with an online presence who is looking to build a list of raving fans and potential clients, you MUST have a free offer on your website that is attractive enough for someone to give you their name and email in exchange. Time and time again this is overlooked. Either people don’t have a free offer (a relevant eBook, audio or checklist) or they don’t have one that their ideal client would like. This is List Building Basics 101. In order to make an offer to work with you, you must have their permission to contact them. The best way to do it is through an opt-in on your website and in exchange they receive something that they find of value from you.

Client Conversion Strategy #1: Once subscribers are on your mailing list you now have permission to invite them to learn more about what you do. At the end of your free offer you include a personal invitation for them to contact you for a complimentary mini consultation, Discovery Session or Strategy Call.

2.    Make An Announcement: Another easy way to your first or next client is to let friends, relatives and possible referral partners know about your business. A simple and effective way to do this is to send out an announcement email or letter. Explain what you’re doing in your business, who you serve and that you’re open to new clients. Let them know you’d love referrals.

Client Conversion Strategy #2: To make it easy on yourself send out 5-10 at a time. Don’t overlook this strategy. These individuals are warm leads. They are far easier to  convert than those you just meet. They’re you’re army on the front line but don’t rely on them alone, you need to network and market too.

3.    Create and Send an Invitation: Once you’ve got a mailing list then you can send out a general invitation to your entire list. Let them know that you’re accepting new clients and would love the opportunity to support them.

Client Conversion Strategy #3: If you prefer to send an invitation for a Strategy Session to talk to you then that’s equally as effective.  You can say that you’re now accepting new clients and or that you have space in for new clients in your schedule and would be happy to talk to them to see if working together would be a good fit. Let them know how to schedule a Strategy Session and provide directions as to what to do to secure a spot.

It’s easy to overcomplicate the process but it doesn’t have to be that hard. If you come from a place of serving and solving then you’ll feel much more comfortable making offers.


Select at least one of the above strategies to do within the next week. Don’t overthink the process or question them, just decide which feels right for you right now. Keep in mind that you need to do other things to gain clients but these are some easy tips to getting your first or next one.

Your Turn:

Do you have a client generation process in place? What’s tripping you up with the process? Is there something that’s effective for you? Feel free to share that too.

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