3 Simple Ways to Create Sales Pages On a Budget

June 30, 2016


Whether you’re selling an online course, tickets to your workshops or events or any of your services. If you’re selling online, you need a sales page.

But when you’re just starting your coaching, consulting or service-based business you’re bootstrapping everything. Including possibly writing and designing your sales pages.

For some business owners it’s just easier to outsource this task. For others on a limited budget it’s worth figuring it out yourself.

For years I did my own copywriting and sales page design for two reasons: 1) I wasn’t sure if what I was selling would sell and 2) I wasn’t willing to pay $1,000’s of dollars for something I wasn’t sure would sell and even though I’m not the least bit techie, if I figured out how to do it…I know you can too.

The following are 3 types of templates and sales page options you can use if you’re designing your own sales page.

DIY Sales Page Option #1: Irresistible Sales Pages Course (by Amanda Genther)

When we decided to design the website for my live event, Talk & Profit LIVE! I wanted a nicer looking website but wasn’t quite ready to make a $5,000+ investment. Instead, I chose to use Amanda Genther’s course Irresistible Sales pages.

What I love about this program is that it walks you through step-by-step how to design your own sales pages using two different templates she already created.

From showing you how to represent your brand to doing some easy but non complicated tech moves, she teaches you in a series of videos how to create really great looking sales pages.

Using one of her templates, I created Talk & Profit LIVE! click here or on the image below to see how it came out.

Amanda’s course is just $197. It’s easy to use and particularly great if you’re still bootstrapping many things in your business. To find out more about Amanda’s course click here. 

DIY Sales Page Option #2: OptimizePress

Before LeadPages entered the scene many online marketers used OptimizePress and it’s still an excellent option today.

Often times designers will work off of their basic templates to create some of the fancier sales pages you may be seeing online.

OptimizePress is an affordable option starting at just $97 that you can use to create your own opt-in, thank you, sales and membership pages.

It comes with over 30 themes, has many plug ins and is mobile friendly. At it’s lower price point it’s a great option to use for all of your online sales and registration needs.

Click here or on the image below to see what a sales page looks like using OptimizePress.

DIY Sales Page Option #3: LeadPages

I purchased LeadPages when it first came along. I knew back then that the non-techie woman I am couldn’t handle building my own pages easily. At first I started using it for opt-in and thank you pages but after a little while I realized I could use it for basic sales pages as well.

What I love about LeadPages is that they have dozens and dozens of templates to choose from and all you simply need to do is choose the template, add your brand colors, text and images and you’re good to go.

I will say that it’s not super easy to make modifications to templates although that’s getting better.

Whether you’re using it to build a sales page or for opt-ins for your webinars, teleseminars or free gift, LeadPages is a must for your business.

Here’s a sample of the initial page we set up in under an hour when we first began promoting Talk & Profit LIVE! in 2015.

I highly recommend it for your business and even though I’m a LeadPages affiliate and may receive compensation for recommending them, I would recommend them even if I weren’t to receive a commission.

So those are some options for you to build your own sales pages. I’d love to hear what you think and any questions you may have. What else do you bootstrap in your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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