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Untitled design (3)“I made more money in 31 days than I did my first year in business”

When I met Jeannie, I was a former human services manager turned preschool director just starting my copywriting and editing business. Over our breakfast at a workshop I shared how I hoped to someday work in my own business full-time. Between the eggs and toast, Jeannie whipped out her calculator and started helping me to look at what I would need to do financially to make that dream a reality. I knew right then that she was exactly who I wanted in my corner. But I wasn’t ready to commit to an investment in my business so I tucked the thought away.

Many months later, I was at Jeannie’s Client Converting Talks live event working on my signature talk to grow my business through speaking but feeling overwhelmed and impatient by how long success was taking and how frustrating the challenges were. When she presented her offer to join her first group program, I knew it was what I needed. But I was scared. And I didn’t feel I had the money. And I thought I’d have to wait and I remember feeling crushed. I went home. I went back to my job. And I had a call with Jeannie that week.
Between the event and our call, I knew that if I wanted my business to support me, I could either keep DIY-ing it with every free resource out there and continue to learn through trial and error or I could take a bit of a leap and invest in Jeannie’s program and invest in myself. I joined her then Expansion Coaching Club group program and I have never looked back.
Within a few months I quit my day job and was learning in the training sessions and getting the support I needed to shortcut my self-study so I could start marketing myself and getting more clients. And things started happening. I created a signature talk. I created a program. I started speaking at events – live and virtually; I professionalized my website, my list building, and my sales calls. When Expansion Coaching Club came to a close and Revenue Makers Mastermind was offered, I knew I was continuing so that my business could continue to grow.

Last month I made more money in 31 days than I did my first year in business. By the first quarter, I had made more in three months than I did year two in business. And it all happens with a strategy and support from Jeannie and from my fellow Revenue Makers Mastermind peers who share their experiences, offer a safe place to be real and to talk about the scary side of entrepreneurship, and who cheer me on for every small win as much as the big wins.
I knew when I met Jeannie that she was the real deal. That she was a smart business person who also really cared about not only my business, but me. She gathers a community of people who share the same vision–that we can all have our dream and that our potential with the right resources, is limitless. Everyone needs a Jeannie in their corner!

Deb Coman, Content Marketing Strategist,


” I have landed the biggest clients I have ever had”

I have known Jeannie for several years, I have been her client, she has been mine. We have collaborated on several projects and have always had a tremendous mutual respect and have cheered each other on as we grew personally and professionally. I recently attended one of Jeannie’s one day workshop events and was thoroughly impressed with the format, the flow of the day, the other attendees – Jeannie has a knack for getting the right mix of people in the room, this is more than a skill, it is an art form.

What impressed me the most was how Jeannie effortlessly kept the room captivated and engaged for the entire day. Although she made an offer to work with her, I never felt “sold” and even if I decided not to work with her on a deeper level I would leave that day with enormous value and had real strategies I could implement immediately in my business.

Plus I had fun, I did not feel stressed or overwhelmed in any way and made some great connections which have grown since that day. But I did decide to work with her and invested in a VIP day. All I can say is WOW. I had a few big speaking and teaching engagements coming up that week and she booked me immediately. We spent 4 hours on a web session dissecting my presentation and what we came up with was a new streamlined presentation PLUS a new product. We had this session about 2 months ago, I have already given this presentation 4 times, created and launched the new product and made over $10K on the launch.

Here is what really happened, the floodgates opened, I learned where I was stepping on my own toes and have stopped. I am getting standing ovations when I give this new version of my talk, I have landed the biggest clients I have ever had, I have booked paid speaking engagements.

Jeannie’s process is simply amazing, I had an established business, great products and services, fantastic testimonials and results, but something was off, not any more, Jeannie turned the dial just a little bit and everything has rapidly changed. If you have the opportunity to attend her events, join her programs or outright hire her JUMP. Then come and connect with me on social media and let me know how you are doing….

Donna Cravotta , CEO, Social Visibility Expert, Social Sage PR LLC



success“I have paying clients and a new found confidence”

I still remember picking up the phone to call Jeannie the first time, my hand was shaking.  I felt I had a lot riding on that call.  Jeannie had been recommended to me by a colleague I had met at a business event.  She thought Jeannie may be able to help me create my business while I was still working full time.  I knew contacting Jeannie would be a big step for me because it meant moving forward with my dream or deciding to back down, so I was nervously wondering what Jeannie could do to help me!

After listening to me, Jeannie assured me that I had a good business model and that she could help me plan my next steps, if I chose to move forward. I could tell she knew what she was talking about from her answers and she was a good coach based on the questions she asked about my business.  It was not a hard decision to make to sign on.

I felt relieved that I now had an experienced collaborator on my team as I moved forward!  I knew building a business would be hard work (I was use to that), but I also knew I had someone on my team vested in my growth and knowledgeable on the business side of my endeavor!  She lead me through the myriad of decision-making questions, steps and processes I needed to sort through to develop my business.

Since working with Jeannie, I’ve gone from “nothing but an idea and model” to all the components an online business- including a website, a marketing strategy that works for me, and a clearly identified niche!  I have coaching packages that fit my strengths and my clients needs, I’m signing on new clients weekly using the marketing strategies we discussed, and I’ve been building my online presence. The best thing?  I have paying clients and a new found confidence in what I’ve built with Jeannie as a sounding board!  In fact, I feel my confidence is my greatest asset in my business!  I no longer fear the future and enjoy the challenge my business provides me.

I recently joined Jeannie’s Mastermind because I can only image how my collaboration with other talented business women will take me further down a path I haven’t even imagined yet.  I’m so thankful I get this chance to thank Jeannie for all she has done to support my growth as a business woman and encourage others who are looking to grow their business to trust Jeannie with their dreams, too.  Thanks, Jeannie!

DeShawn Wert, Coach & Consultant,



Wendy Sabin“My biggest success was hosting my first teleseminar, which resulted in several clients!”

Before starting the program, I was struggling with overwhelm for all the things I needed to do to grow my business.  Social media, blogs, not to mention actual client work!

Jeannie’s approach really streamlines the social media strategy for my business.  Since the program, I’ve made amazing contacts, had several joint ventures, and increased my social media presence, particularly with groups in Linked In.   Jeannie’s and the other group members’ support really helped me pull it off!  I’ve grown my network dramatically.  I’ve even crafting my signature talk and started embracing speaking opportunities, rather than shying away from them.  As for organizing my time, the time management module was so valuable, I know I will refer to it if I get distracted by bright shiny objects again!  My favorite part was the facebook support group and the Q&A calls. The instant feedback on day to day challenges was fantastic.

Wendy Sabin, Profit Strategist,



ariana fernandez“Now I have a very clear niche, message, target audience and all the tools to really take my business far”

Before I met Jeannie I was a half hearted entrepeneur. Meaning I had incorporated 2 years before but, really wasn’t doing anything with it and I had re-branded and re-niched a ton a times. I was in constant reinvention mode. It was like running on a treadmill, I was getting nowhere fast. I had no direction and had no idea where to start, I was all over the place. I am pretty smart and I took many courses and I knew what had to be done but, I just couldn’t put all the pieces together. Now I have re-branded again but Jeannie helped me find my niche not just by what I like to do but, what I like and what I am really good at. She helped me uncover an area I am really good at, sales!  Working with Jeannie for me was like having a wonderful and knowledge older sister or aunt who really wanted to see me succeed. She also knew when I needed to hear hard truths about some of the obstacles I set for myself. She is a guide, coach, trainer and someone in your corner who has walked the walk and really is committed to YOUR success. My favorite part about working with Jeannie was bouncing ideas off of her and creating a clear business plan. She has done it all and really knows what works and what isn’t worth your time. She is also really amazing at connecting you with the right people who will become part of your team or part of your biz family. Now it is just up to me to execute! Keep your eyes and ears out for me! I am just getting started.

Ariana Fernandez, Relationship/Personality Selling Activator,


“I was able to leave my job on the date I had set as my personal deadline

I had been building my business for 2 years, while working a PT job.  While I had some success it was becoming increasingly difficult to continue to build and grow while still working, I knew I needed to find a way to bust through the situation I was it, it was time to find a way to be able to leave my job and have my business sustain the income that brought it.
In my time with Jeannie I was able to leave my job on the date I had set as my personal deadline.  I am now a full time entrepreneur, and was able to do so with the full support of my family!
I’ve been able to work on growing my list, have been networking locally, and the strategies you gave me to help blog more regularly have been priceless!  My blog provides much more valuable content to my readers and I have found a large increase in it being read when I follow your tips!
I have proudly recommended you to several people.  You are the key to any entrepreneur who is trying desperately to grow a business while working a job, so that they can then leave that job.  I have no doubt that working with you was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of leaving my job on the deadline I set.

Melissa H. Dery, Administrative Consultant,



“She gave me concrete tips on levels of service that I could provide to clients”

“I realized before I spoke with Jeannie that although I wanted to know how to create packages, and other marketing strategies, I hadn’t really narrowed down my niche enough to do so. Jeannie asked me several relevant questions and gave me an assignment to help me do just that. She also gave me tips on simple things I can do to add to grow my list, in a way that’s not time consuming, yet effective. She gave me concrete tips on levels of service that I could provide to clients that would be not only of value to them of course, but time effective and profitable for me. I believe the things she taught me are the foundation to my business and will help me move forward. I hadn’t realized that I was floundering some because of the fact that I really hadn’t defined my niche. It was very exciting to feel progress in that area. I would like to add that its really comforting knowing that Jeannie understands what its like to build a business while being employed. Often times I hear amazing tips, but they are geared for people who have much more time or are already full time business owners. She is very easy to talk to, generous, non-judgemental and is encouraging. I would most definitely recommend her services. I’m looking forward to more training with Jeannie!”

 Marissa Frumento, Certified Holistic Health Coach,


Barbara Searles photo

“My partner and I were able to completely develop and launch a web site, with video, free offer and e-zine subscriptions in just 6 weeks”

Before working with Jeannie I had just gained clarity on my business message, and needed some structure and prioritization for first steps. After our VIP Day, I had a clear to-do list and lots of ideas about exactly how to implement the plan we developed. I took a clear message to very dynamic forward-moving actions! My partner and I were able to completely develop and launch a web site, with video, free offer and e-zine subscriptions in just 6 weeks. If you have a big dream, Jeannie will definitely give you support, validation, and a game plan to get there! In addition to the specific action plan, Jeannie helped me clarify the rates I need to be charging. The more we talked, the more I have gained comfort with the new approach – now always easy when it comes to rates!

VIP Private Retreat Client, Barbara Searles, HHC, AADP, LMT, NCTMB,


Michelle Campbell

“I have finally gained the confidence to put myself out there in a bigger way.”

Jeannie is A-MAZ-ING! To say that marketing has been a bit of a struggle for me since I started my business would be an understatement. I never felt like I knew how to market, what to do to market effectively, or when to do whatever it was I needed to do. Jeannie taught me practical methods to use to gather the information I need to reach and serve my ideal client. She helped me become comfortable with the process, so I no longer waste time on marketing tactics that don’t work.

Jeannie is A-MAZ-ING! To say that marketing has been a bit of a struggle for me since I started my businesJeannie is patient and knows how to dig deep to uncover those barriers that might be holding you back from realizing the success you desire in your business. At the same time, she can dish out the tough love when it is clearly needed to help you overcome those barriers so you get out of your own way and get your business growing. She understands what needs to be done to build a successful online business and gives you the tools you need to get you moving in the right direction.

Jeannie is A-MAZ-ING! To say that marketing has been a bit of a struggle for me since I started my businesIn the time I spent with Jeannie as a private client and as part of a group program, I learned valuable skills that will continue to serve me well as my business grows, I have met several entrepreneurs and found new friends, I made some really great contacts, and I have finally gained the confidence to put myself out there in a bigger way. I am now promoting my first teleclass, which will take place in a matter of days. I am very grateful for Jeannie’s guidance and expertise!

Michelle Campbell, Administrative Consultant,


” I have held two online webinars. I have created two info products. I have a better direction of where I am going and where to spend my time

I didn’t know what I was doing and was in a huge crisis about how to make money in my business. I didn’t know how to manage my business time or how to be productive. I was not very disciplined about my time and was struggling with figuring out how to make more money for less work and to leverage my time. I was also struggling with how to manage my work, family home life.

Since working with Jeannie I have held two online webinars. I have created two info products. I have a better direction of where I am going and where to spend my time. And I have more direction of how to get there. I am now focused on building an online community, where I can offer online webinars and trainings for people who are just starting out on their social media journey and am focused on doing more public speaking. I am much more confident in what I can do and what value I have to offer people. Without hesitation I would recommend Jeannie. Working with Jeannie has helped me so much this last 10 months with direction and clarity of what I can and need to do. I have grown leaps and bounds and Jeannie’s support has been a HUGE part of that… I don’t know where I would be without the time I have spent working with her.

Private Client, Sherri-Lee Pressman, Your Social Media Minder,


“After spending time with Jeannie, I had a concrete focus and specific steps that I could use to implement my marketing on social media”

“Before working with Jeannie, I had little insight as to how to tackle my social networking strategy. Between all the social networks, I lacked clarity about which to spend energy on let alone how to create a platform on them for my business.
Jeannie helped me focus on how to grow my lists on social media and ultimately my e-zine opt in. By creating specific goals, it was easy to implement a strategy to reach them and I did!
After spending time with Jeannie, I had a concrete focus and specific steps that I could use to implement my marketing on social media. I had more confidence in being able to grow my platform on certain venues. I was able to reach them in the time specified and then, work the strategy a second time around for continued growth and success.
If you want to grow your business and need to have an infusion of inspiration, knowledge and a specific plan, than a VIP Retreat with Jeannie would be extremely valuable to you! Jeannie has the knowledge of information and understanding of specific obstacles that business owner’s have in growing their businesses. She imparts her wisdom with combined compassion, inspiration and steadfast support and creates a path for you to follow with specific,easily attainable steps and goals! Not to mention it’s FUN!!!!!”
 Laura P. Clark,Your Soul-Wise Living Mentor,


“I have a road-map that makes sense for me to follow and move me forward, many new ideas, a growing marketing list, several potential clients in the queue and two new ones”

Before working with Jeannie, I was inflicted with that bright, shiny object syndrome and trying to move my business forward without a real concrete plan.  Since working with Jeannie for the past three months, I have a road-map that makes sense for me to follow and move me forward, many new ideas, a growing marketing list, several potential clients in the queue and two new ones.  Due to Jeannie’s influence I have a newsletter under construction that I plan to send to my list at least once a month.  I highly recommend working with Jeannie if you want to get accountable, make progress and move your business to a new level.

Karen Brockman, Virtual Assistant for Speakers,


“I now have a multi-pronged approach to the five branches of this business Jeannie helped me to identify”

In addition to needing some organization of my approach and my contacts and opportunities, I needed clarity about my strengths and goals.

Due directly to the strategies and encouragement from Jeannie, I reached out to all of my warm but languishing leads for speaking engagements for this year. Just in the two weeks following our time together I have booked 4 more events for the next 6 months. Most exciting of those is giving the closing keynote at an international parenting conference in Malaysia this November. I thought they’d lost interest after I sent a quote for my travel cost and honorarium, but in fact I never received their follow-up email asking me to come!

I now have a multi-pronged approach to the five branches of this business Jeannie helped me to identify. I find it much easier to use my time efficiently and to focus my work towards my goals. She also has been a well-spring of invaluable contacts in the world of women entrepreneurs!

I would highly recommend this one-on-one retreat! Jeannie doesn’t take on a client that she doesn’t believe in 100%. Her energy, knowledge and teaching skill make you feel understood, energized and pampered all at once. This investment of time and money is an investment in yourself, your passion and your business, and will repay all three!

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, Physician and Parenting Expert,


“I was I able to get clear on my purpose, create a better business model and re-brand myself and my network, leads and clients have grown in a matter of weeks“

 Before I hired Jeannie as my coach, I was working full-time, taking care of a young family and trying to build my own copywriting business on the side. Although I was getting clients, I was struggling to get the steady stream I wanted…Thanks to Jeannie’s guidance, I was able to get clear on my purpose, create a better business model and re-brand myself in a way that draws upon my unique talents and strengths…If you are a career woman like me who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, work with Jeannie and you’ll be living your dream faster than you expect! 

~Gayle “The Story Stylist” Nowak


“I now have the resources and the confidence to move forward and implement Jeannie’s ideas and resources into my practice”

I first scheduled a session with Jeannie for a Business Breakthrough Call and just within those two hours I literally had “breakthroughs! My niche became clearer than it already was and she was able to steer me along the path of discovering who my ideal clients would be and where I need to take my practice next.  Jeannie is not only just knowledgeable, she’s real, she’s authentic and she’ll give it to you straight “from the heart”.

I signed up for the Create Packages and Programs to Sell Your Solo Services Program with Jeannie right after that call and it was the perfect “next step” to taking my “a-ha” moments from the business Breakthrough Session and implementing them into Programs.  Before taking this course I had many challenges with organizing my programs and figuring out ways to invite people to work with me that was not too sales like.  I felt scattered therefore “unsure” on how to move forward.  Jeannie taught me that taking “one step at a time” is good enough rather than plowing through and getting overwhelmed.

I now have the resources and the confidence to move forward and implement Jeannie’s ideas and resources into my practice.  Without Jeannie’s heartfelt guidance, I would not know where to begin. She is so clear and concise on her calls and truly “get’s it”.

I highly recommend this course to anyone or simply starting off with the Business Breakthrough Session.  I was beyond delighted and I know this will not be the last time I work with Jeannie.
Create Packages for Your Solo Services Program Client,

Dana Pettit Canneto, Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach at Dana Wellness,


“I discovered a niche that is a perfect fit”

“Before my Business Breakthrough session with Jeannie, I had identified a business niche that worked with my skills and talent. The challenge with this niche was that by itself it did not fuel my passion to train and mentor others in how to succeed in business and in life.

As a result of my Breakthrough session, I discovered a niche that is a perfect fit. Coaching business executives on how to reach the top of their field, incorporates my unique story on starting at the bottom of my field and excelling to the top with proven steps on how to establish their professional presence, communicate effectively and develop the leadership skills required to up level their career.

Since the Breakthrough session , I have started developing the content for my website and created my first Marketing piece ” 131 ways to Reach the Top of your Field ” which provides powerful insider tips to executives looking to advance their careers.

I highly recommend Jeannie Spiro’s Business Breakthrough session as she will help you find the clarity and focus needed to move forward in business.

Darleen Ghirardi,


“Jeannie suggested I rework my business model as I had outgrown one of my lower-level programs. Within a few weeks, I had booked a new client into one of my Private 90 Day Coaching Packages”

I was feeling a overwhelmed and nervous about taking my business to the next big level. I had developed some programs with which I was already comfortable and doing well, but it was time to stretch myself which brought up a lot of mindset blocks for me.

As a result of our VIP Day, I feel very focused and organized. Not only did we refine my signature system, we also nailed down specific programs and launches as spin-offs of that system which will be simple and stream-lined to create. As a result, I feel very confident and comfortable about marketing my offerings without hesitation. I feel like I finally have a program that is going to give my ideal clients fantastic results AND optimize my talents. As a result, I feel very confident and comfortable about marketing my offerings without hesitation. Do not let Jeannie’s calm, unassuming manner fool you. She is sharp as a tack with the insights and expertise to get RESULTS. It’s just an extra bonus that she is also a lovely, warm mentor.

 Heather Poduska – Creative Brand and Image Consultant,


“I finally realized who my ideal client is meant to be and how to serve that client best”

When I met Jeannie, I was floundering and completely overwhelmed by too much information on how to market my new life coaching services. I had been struggling for a year to find the right mentor, my ideal client and the marketing message to go with it.

Within our first 30 minute conversation, Jeannie helped me to see what was right in front of me all along.  After working with her for several weeks, I finally realized who my ideal client is meant to be and how to serve that client best. Two months ago, I had no idea where to begin or how to find any clients at all.  Now, with Jeannie’s strategies, I have dozens of clear ideas on how to find a very specific person who needs and wants my services.

I have no doubt that continuing to work with Jeannie will push me through my barriers, give me practical strategies and repeatable systems (sooo important for me!) and help me to fill my practice.  I highly recommend getting with Jeannie if you want to move your business into fast forward mode!

Pamela Wills – Solopreneur Silver Program Client,


“I left the session with so much more clarity and confidence in my ability to implement the necessary next steps to grow my business

I originally scheduled a session with Jeannie to learn how to conduct and offer VIP Retreats for my clients—but I wound up not only getting fantastic advice on that topic, but so much more!!!

As we explored my business model, Jeannie pointed out an opportunity for me to refine my program offerings. By the end of my session, we had completely reworked my packages to provide greater value for my clients and re-priced everything accordingly! Additionally, given her vast industry network, she was also able to provide me with affordable, high-quality resource recommendations to provide me with support in my business—one of which I’m thrilled to say will be saving me approximatley15 hours a month! Talk about a return on investment!

Best of all, Jeannie truly understood my need to build my business in “tiny pockets of time” given that I’m still in my Corporate job and have two small children at home—so everything she recommended was completely do-able within my time constraints. I left the session with so much more clarity and confidence in my ability to implement the necessary next steps to grow my business. All in all, I was beyond delighted with my experience.

I would highly recommend working with Jeannie to anyone who wants expert advice and counsel in any area of growing their business. My experience is proof that your investment will more than pay for itself!

Dana D’Orsi – Life & Career Transformation Coach, Best Life Solutions,


 “Just two weeks after employing the recommendations Jeannie made, I have had a 20 percent increase in Fans on my Facebook page and a lot more interaction”

Jeannie is a top-notch coach! Before working with Jeannie I was struggling with how to handle my social media. I felt my time wasn’t focused, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, and I wasn’t confident that I would see sales come from my efforts. Just two weeks after employing the recommendations Jeannie made, I have had a 20 percent increase in Fans on my Facebook page and a lot more interaction. I am going to keep doing more of the things Jeannie told me to do and can’t wait to see the continued results. If you are struggling with a problem in your business, I would highly recommend you consider working with Jeannie!


Suzanne Tregenza Moore – The Implementation Expert for Your Big Ideas,



“Jeannie helped me build a foundation for my business to grow”

Before I started working with Jeannie, I was very unclear in several areas, I wanted to leave my job but was uncertain what it would take to do so. I felt unclear on how to reach my target market and deliver what they really wanted. I constantly felt overwhelmed, and often felt as though I wasted time on meaningless tasks.

Jeannie helped me build a foundation for my business to grow. I’m getting out into the community so I can create a name for myself and be known as an expert. I feel clearer about the progress I’m making and see what is and what isn’t working. I find myself wasting less time and becoming more efficient with Jeannie’s support. She’s helped me feel more confident about the moves I’m making and I can see where my steps are leading.

I am going to work hard to deliver what my target market really wants and make myself highly visible and become the go-to person for their solutions.

I highly recommend Jeannie! She is a very supportive and knowledgeable coach. She has struggled with and worked through many of the same problems I’m facing and it helps a great deal to know she’s successfully reached her goals and is now reaching even greater heights of achievement.

Pamela Higgins, Certified Health Coach,

“I now have a clear, doable marketing plan”

Before working with Jeannie-I was feeling overwhelmed with all the business projects and tasks I had to complete while working a full time job and taking care of my daughter. I knew I needed help but thought it was out of my budget.

Since working together – I have had several breakthroughs-pun intended- and now have a clear, doable marketing plan, have the support and help I need to run my business and don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.

I have already talking to a great designer and virtual assistant so i can get all my projects and tasks started and completed. I have a great idea about my free offer and know I can do it, and the best part is that I am not doing it alone anymore.

I would recommend working with Jeannie to every business owner looking to grow their business and a clear plan to do it. During my session I remembered how I started my business, because I want to empower the old me that was unsure about her future and lacked the confidence to face it all. I remembered that if we all help each other, we can be successful together.

Catherine Storing – Image Consultant,


wedhead“I’ve got clients, I’ve got a list, I’ve got exposure, and I have Jeannie to thank for it.”

I really wish I met Jeannie earlier. Despite years of business experience working for others, when I launched my own business and became an entrepreneur, I had no idea how to market my business. I was truly overwhelmed with all the different pieces needed to run a business.
Jeannie’s knowledge of marketing really is amazing. Jeannie’s biggest gift, I think, is that she puts the marketing emphasis on building relationships – with clients, with your list, with your followers, with JV partners, etc. The biggest result is the launch of my signature system, the Profit Sweet Spot. That one system drives everything else in my business – newsletter, teleseminars, speaking to sell, social media posts, website, everything. The marketing got so much easier once I figured out the signature system. And coming up with new offerings, products, programs, talks, etc, also got so much easier, by having the signature system. Jeannie helped me move from offering technical services to focusing on strategy. Her knowledge of packaging & pricing and marketing makes it easy to branch out, as I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I’ve got clients, I’ve got a list, I’ve got exposure, and I have Jeannie to thank for it.

Wendy Sabin, Money Coach + Profit Strategist + CPA,


10524_1144515584326_1570606082_30445679_2185256_s“I’ve built my list and established myself on the web!”

Before I started working with Jeannie I was looking at ways that I could learn how to be a coach and set up my coaching program. I sat through her live webinar and knew I wanted to work with her. Since working with Jeannie, I have been able to get clear about what I wanted and needed to do. She guided me with her expertise and experience during every coaching session. She helped me stay on track and I was always able to move forward from one session to the next with confidence. I was able to start building my list,work on my programs,establish my presence on the web and learn about marketing and advertising. She connected me with others and never let me doubt that I was going to be great! Her support was invaluable.

Thanks Jeannie!

Sandra Bullard LPN, Core Business Coach, Nurses Online Academy,



deb comanWorking with Jeannie in her Create Profitable Signature Talks has been a life-changer for my business.

I am eternally grateful for the guidance, instruction and support that lead me in one week to do an Australian podcast interview, a live Google Hangout and schedule a radio interview for the coming month. In addition to conventional speaking, she (and her course) have helped me develop the skills to be scheduled as a guest on other platforms like TwitterChat and written in-print guest interviews to gain more exposure and to grow my business. All of this in the span of a week and we are not even finished with the course yet! You would be wise to take advantage of Jeannie’s knowledge through any of her offerings that might meet your current needs.

Deb Coman, Writing, Editing & Coaching



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