Solo Success Online List Building and Client Mastery TeleTraining


From: Jeannie Spiro, Portsmouth, RI USA
Thursday, 8:00 p.m.

Are you a coach, consultant, virtual assistant or solo service professional who…

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  • Has a very small list
  • Is ready for and needs an easier and faster way to grow your business and is tired of putting in a lot of effort with only lukewarm results?
  • Wants to grow your solo business by getting a consistent stream of steady clients?
  • Need to attract more targeted prospects so you can convert them to paying clients?
  • Tired of getting sucked in by every “bright shiny object”, program and course that doesn’t really have the direct answers and results you need?
  • Seeing some success but it’s not happening fast enough for you and you need more clients and income in your business?
  • Wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of on a regular basis who has been where you are and can show you how to get where you want to go?
  • Want a place where you can go that will answer all of your online business and marketing questions and don’t have to invest in high end trainings or programs to get the answers?
  • Been doing it alone and are tired of not getting support, it’s time to have a coach and community to come to in order to reach the next level in your business?
  • Need to stop doubting what you can do and break through your self-sabotaging doubts and fears because you want your business to take off in the next year and you need help to make it happen?
  • Want answers, simple solutions, “How-to’s” to follow that aren’t overwhelming but practical and create real results?
  • Want a safe place to be able to open up about your fears, doubts, successes, failures and have an environment to share your ideas and thoughts?
  • Ready to be part of a group of like-minded people who are going through what you’re going through and can understand and support you?
  • Knows a private mentor isn’t in the budget right now but you want to be part of a group where you have direct access to a coach—not be part of a group where you’re only coached by your peers. You need more and want more direct communication with someone who can really help.
  • Want someone to help you with staying on track, not veering off and helping you course correct as you go so you can reach the next level you want and need to in your business?
  • Know it’s time you found a simple success plan that allows you to bridge the gap between your day job and dream business or allows you to remain the solo business owner that you’ve worked hard to become?

Are YOU ready to grow your list, your business and get more high end clients in 2013 so you can stop stressing about how you’re going to pay the bills and whether your business is going to be achieve the income you want.

Then you’re in the right place and I’m ready to help YOU.

My name is Jeannie Spiro, and you may know me now as the woman who helps career women bridge the gap between their day job and dream business but once upon a time I was a corporate employee who didn’t know a thing about using the internet to build my coaching business.

It used to break my heart when I would drop off my kids at school and then head to the office doing the corporate grind. The long hours, the work that didn’t serve me…I later paid a high price for my unhappiness through high stress, anxiety and poor health.

It wasn’t until years later when after the devastating sudden loss of my boss did I realize I needed to change the course of my career.

I quit my job, took a $40,000 per year pay cut to work for someone else, started going to every one of my children’s school events and had the flexibility to be with them like I never had before.

My new job allowed me to grow a small health insurance brokerage practice into a thriving business, and it also allowed me the chance to begin my career reinvention.

Knowing I couldn’t quit my job because we had bills to pay and kids tuition and expenses mounting I started slowly by obtaining multiple coaching certifications and working with clients who wanted Life and Health Coaching. But it wasn’t long until I realized that my true passion was in helping other women find their financial freedom and work purpose in becoming a solo entrepreneur-to ultimately become their own boss. 

It finally occurred to me that all my years in business through sales and marketing health, life and disability insurance would actually come to serve me with helping other women create their own secure business foundation.

But I was struggling because as much as I wanted it to take off, I had a small list, little time and financial resources, only a few clients….and barely a clue how to manage the online world to grow my business…

I felt stuck and beside…

I still juggled a job, was raising a family and had a great deal to learn about growing a business using the internet.

But I decided that if my dream business was that important then I needed to do something about it. So I hired private coaches and mentors, invested in training programs and little by little my tiny little business that could turned into a thriving practice.


And now nearly 18 months later I’m thrilled to now be a sought after speaker,  have long term ongoing clients who pay as much as 5 figures to work with me, who live in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. and now as I’m approaching nearly 6 figures in my part time business I want to show you how you can do it too (WITHOUT having to invest in the high level I did)

My secret to growth and client attraction has been targeted and effective list building…

You see, I’ve been noticing a pattern that happened with me and my clients. It was that we get distracted by all the “bright shiny” solutions to growing our business, but in reality it just comes down to following a process that works. And for me that process has included mastering online marketing.

But it’s also about having a strategy and working it…and when you start to veer off  course then you need to have someone pull you back in and course correct the path.

It’s not your fault….we all know how smart and capable you are but when it comes to navigating growing a business online it’s confusing, overwhelming and often quite frightening.

But it doesn’t have to be. You just need to know what to do and do it.

“When it comes to growing your list and getting more clients…as a coach, consultant, virtual assistant or solo service professional you need 3 things:

1. The right plan:

one that works, is easy to follow and create results

2. A specific process:

a proven online method that works, not a haphazard strategy

3. Support and accountability to stay the course

help to do it, especially when someone who has already figured it out can teach you how it’s done”


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“Jeannie armed me with specific and attainable action items that are already producing results”

I was also struggling to grow my business while still working full time. How could I market my solo business on the side, without my employers knowing?

I knew Jeannie had the answers to, and experience with, that exact question. Our session together has been the best investment I’ve made for my business so far. I came away with a clear vision for my niche and target audience; both of which energize me and bring me so much more meaning. Jeannie armed me with specific and attainable action items that are already producing results, like setting up a Facebook page and Twitter handle for my business. In less than two weeks, I already have more than 160 Twitter followers, 33 Facebook Likes, new subscribers to my e-newsletter and two exciting new business leads.

I’m looking forward to working on the rest Jeannie’s suggestions and ultimately transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to building your business, skip all the other coaches out there. Jeannie’s got the talent, the experience and the results to help you get where you want to go. If you’re serious about growing your business, don’t waste another minute. Sign up for Jeannie’s Business Breakthrough sessions today.

Gayle Nowak,


I know that if I can do this, then I can teach YOU how to do it too!

My entire success process is laid out for you in my step-by-step, brand new online and telephone coaching program,

“My clear, PROVEN, 6-STEP system will help you use the internet to grow a list of targeted prospects, help you make more money and shift you from frustration and confusion to confidence, clients and cash flow…FAST”

The “Solo Success Online List Building and Client Mastery Teletraining Program” is a 5 downloadable program where you’ll learn how to rapidly grow your list, get more clients and turn on your cash flow faucet…

The “Solo Success Online List Building and Client Mastery Teletraining Program” is ideal for you if you’re looking for specific steps to grow your list and get more clients online in a supportive place and interactive community to help you achieve the next level in your business. It includes personalized coaching, strategic and specific training at a very modest investment.

It’s where you’ll learn how to grow a list of targeted followers, get more clients and increase income in your business.

and get a clear step-by-step marketing and client attracting plan that will help YOU:

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  • Build a list of targeted prospects and future clients
  • Have a repeatable online marketing strategy that pull clients to you
  • Create a Signature Talk and Signature System to become known for what you do best, become the Expert you want to be and take your business to the next level
  • The steps and tools to create your own teleclass system for easily attracting more clients
  • Peace of mind and confidence that you’re following a plan to has been proven to work
  • Gain the confidence to charge what you’re worth and know that you’ll get it
  • cash flow plan that allows you to work with Platinum level and High End clients—and yes, all service based businesses can do this!
  • plan to increase your list and income swiftly
  • A mentor, coach and guide who has been where you are and has paved the way to a smoother success route for you!

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll receive:

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Module #1: 20+ Online List Building Power Strategies including how to Use Telesummits, Giveaways and Joint Ventures —for Rapid Growth


You’ll learn:

  • minimum of 20 ways to build your list using the internet
  • a better understanding of why it’s necessary and specifically who you want to target
  • Which methods you can automate and which you can easily rinse and repeat
  •  All strategies are simple to implement and proven online methods that work.
  • You’ll leave this call with a system to follow that allows you to go from a small list to between dozens and hundreds of targeted followers within no time.
  • Advanced strategies to create a big boost to your list when you learn how to Joint Venture properly.
  • How you can partner, refer, and get in the spotlight so that you can grow your list quickly. We’ll cover how to get on the Telesummit speaking and Giveaway circuit so you can grow and get big boosts from your target market.
  • What you need and how to position yourself for these list building power house techniques.

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” I feel like I will have a complete suite of programs available to offer my ideal clients at different price points to make it even easier for them to say “yes” to working with me!”

As a brand strategist I already knew how important it is to present your services in a way that is clear am compelling to your ideal clients, however, despite having worked with other coaches I did not feel my services were as refined or as varied as they should be. Jeannie taught me not only how to build a sales funnel, which  is where most other programs stop, but also how to FILL the sales funnel with specific service and package ideas. She also gave me specifics on how to differentiate each package and how to price each service. As a result, I now know exactly how I am going to structure my services and packages. I feel like I will have a complete suite of programs available to offer my ideal clients at different price points to make it even easier for them to say “yes” to working with me!

Jeannie is extremely generous with her knowledge. She is also completely accessible and willing to answer all of your questions.

Heather Poduska, Clear Voice Branding,



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Module #2: Create a Stellar Signature Talk That Builds Your List and Converts Listeners to Strategy Calls



You’ll learn:

  • Why having a Signature Talk will help you attract the right clients, build your list and get known as the expert in your field. 
  • How to create one a talk that you can deliver online and offline to build your list
  • Where to deliver it online and how to use it to grow your list
  • Create a “Free Giveaway Gift”- you’ll now that you’ll be participating in more ways to grow your list, it’s time to create a giveaway so you can really build your list (hint: it has to do with your signature talk)
  • The step by step method to one that easily builds your list and gets listeners to say “Yes” to a Strategy Call with you.

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Module #3:  The Nuts and Bolts to Working Less and Earning More By Offering

High End Platinum Programs and VIP Days


You’ll learn:

  • Why High End Platinum Programs and VIP Days are high value, high service ways to help your clients get better results, with more access to you and allow you to charge a premium for them.
  • How to take what you know well and do—your Signature System and Process (we’ll talk about this too) and you’ll learn how to fit this into your business model in the form of High End Platinum Programs and VIP Days
  • How to offer them, price them and work them into your business model
  • How to run a VIP Day-the nuts and bolts of delivering a stellar full day 1/2 day, virtual and or live retreat with you
  • What to include in your Platinum Program and VIP Days-(the Bonuses that everyone loves)
  • How these simple and effective income models can create large sums of cash flow in your business and can easily be included in nearly all business models.

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VIP Private Intensive Retreat Client

 “Before working with Jeannie, I had little insight as to how to tackle my social networking strategy. Between all the social networks, I lacked clarity about which to spend energy on let alone how to create a platform on them for my business.
Jeannie helped me focus on how to grow my lists on social media and ultimately my e-zine opt in. By creating specific goals, it was easy to implement a strategy to reach them and I did!
After spending time with Jeannie, I had a concrete focus and specific steps that I could use to implement my marketing on social media. I had more confidence in being able to grow my platform on certain venues. I was able to reach them in the time specified and then, work the strategy a second time around for continued growth and success.
If you want to grow your business and need to have an infusion of inspiration, knowledge and a specific plan, than a VIP Retreat with Jeannie would be extremely valuable to you! Jeannie has the knowledge of information and understanding of specific obstacles that business owner’s have in growing their businesses. She imparts her wisdom with combined compassion, inspiration and steadfast support and creates a path for you to follow with specific,easily attainable steps and goals! Not to mention it’s FUN!!!!!”
Laura P. Clark
Your Soul-Wise Living Mentor,

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Module #4:  Teleclass Secrets- The Behind the Scenes Set Up, Promotion and Delivery to Growing Your List and Business Using Your Phone


 You’ll learn:

  • How using teleclasses are the most easy and effective way of growing your list.
  • All the secrets to creating, promoting and delivering your teleclasses.
  • The bits and pieces, all the resources including which programs, services and technology to use
  • The step by step process of delivering one to build your list 
  • Exactly how to convert listeners to your Free Offer or Strategy Call


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Module #5: Overcome Your Money and Mindset Issues So You Can Charge What You’re Worth and Get It


What happens when you realize that you aren’t charging enough but you’re afraid to raise your rates? What happens when you don’t feel you should charge more for what you do? You’ve got some mindset and money work to overcome because after all, to be making what you want and need you’re going to have to charge rates that mean you’re worth it.

You’ll learn:

  • How and what to charge, when to increase your fees and how to charge what you’re worth and get it.
  • Mindset strategies to allow you to step into your worth so you don’t have to settle for charging less than you’re worth
  • How to stop giving away everything for free and get paid for what you do best–your work
  • Fool proof methods of how to close the sale from your Strategy Calls 
  • How to convert more conversations into paying clients.
  • How to know when it’s time to increase your fees
  • How to step into the expert you are and see yourself as a successful enterpreneur (even if you’re still struggling to get clients and make money)


These calls are designed to help you with all of your online marketing, list building and client attracting issues. We will cover your blocks, challenges and mindset issues getting in the way of your growth.

 Here’s EXACTLY what YOU Get…

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1. 5 90- minute Teletraining Calls

Every 90-minute call is led by Jeannie and is comprised of 75 minutes of teaching a specific list building or client attraction strategy followed by 15 minutes of spotlight coaching where you get to ask your questions and get them answered on the spot.

2. Mp3 Recordings of All Calls

You will receive all of the calls to listen to. It’s a bonus to have access to the calls to really absorb the content and start implementing right away

3. Worksheets, Checklists and Step by Step Guides for Easier Implementation 

You’ll receive applicable worksheets, checklists and step by step guides to help you start getting into action and getting results from your efforts.


Plus these additional BONUSES… 

[content_box_red width=”75%”]BONUS #1: List Building Power Tips (valued at$97)

In this report you’ll learn three key and simple strategies to help you start attracting more clients in your business online right away. This valuable report will help you get focused and follow a simple step by step plan to attract more clients within the next 14 days! [/content_box_red]

[content_box_red width=”75%”]BONUS #2: Jeannie’s personal recommended list of Resources (value at: Priceless)

I’ve created a list of resources, tools and recommended technology as well as business relationships that you’ll have full access to. I’ve paid for learning this information either in cost, time or trial and error but you won’t have to. These are the resources I use to run my business and you’ll have full access to them.[/content_box_red]


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Soloprenenur Gold Client

I didn’t know what I was doing and was in a huge crisis about how to make money in my business. I didn’t know how to manage my business time or how to be productive. I was not very disciplined about my time and was struggling with figuring out how to make more money for less work and to leverage my time. I was also struggling with how to manage my work, family home life.

Since working with Jeannie I have held two online webinars. I have created two info products. I have a better direction of where I am going and where to spend my time. And I have more direction of how to get there. I am now focused on building an online community, where I can offer online webinars and trainings for people who are just starting out on their social media journey and am focused on doing more public speaking. I am much more confident in what I can do and what value I have to offer people. Without hesitation I would recommend Jeannie. I don’t know where I would be without the time I have spent working with her.

Sherri-Lee Pressman, Your Social Media Minder,


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Yes, Jeannie! Please Give me INSTANT Access to Your Solo Success

Online List Building and Client Mastery  Teletraining Program!

I understand that in addition to the info-packed 5-90 minute classes and Q&A Sessions, I will receive…


  • All program Recordings of the classes and Q & A Session
  • Worksheets, Checklists and Guides
  • BONUS: List Building Power Tips (valued at$97)
  • BONUSJeannie’s “Recommended Resource Guide”  (valued at: Priceless)

I could charge a lot more for a program like this but I’m not going to.

You see I know that you need to start making more money right now and that you want and need something that won’t break the bank.

That’s why I’ve created something unbelievably valuable for a minimal investment.

[guarantee_box_1 title=”My Personal Be Pleased Guarantee”]I am confident that this program is going to work for you and your business. But if you’re not 100% enthused, within 30 days of purchasing this program I will gladly credit your purchase for a 2-Hour Business Breakthrough Session, no questions asked. So if for any reason “The Solo Success Online List Building and Client Mastery” Teletraining program doesn’t meet your expectations, just email Jeannie’s team to cancel within 30 days.  No explanation needed.  That’s our guarantee.[/guarantee_box_1]

So, are you ready to learn all you need to know to grow your list, attract more clients and earn more in your business?

I’m ready to invest in


right now by clicking the link below:

Click the button below to Purchase the:

Option #1: Full Pay $147

Option #2: Two Payments of $83.00

NOTE: This is a take action program. Only those who are ready do the work, follow the steps and implement should enroll.  It’s not hard, it won’t take much time and you’re getting the guidance from me to teach you exactly what to do. Along the way you’ll be seeing the results through growing a targeted list and making more money doing work you love!

So are you ready to get started? Grab this program today because there’s no point in waiting to build your list, get paid what you’re worth and work with more amazing and wonderful clients!

Wishing you success,

The Career Woman’s Business and Marketing Coach

P.S. You’re probably wondering if it’s really worth it to invest in this program but I can tell you this, if you keep spinning in circles trying to grow your business then you’ll not get anywhere fast. It’s time to make a decision that will help you uplevel your business. Before you leave this page do yourself a favor and decide if now is the time to make a decision will help you make your investment back in no time. Reserve your spot TODAY.

 Question? Contact us here.