Create Packages and Programs to Sell Your Solo Services

Thursday, 8:00 p.m.

From: Jeannie Spiro, Portsmouth, RI

Your Online Business and Marketing Coach

Dear Entrepreneur, Solo-Entrepreneur, or Solo Business Owner (especially Women),

If you’re in the business of offering your services to others..

  • Do you happen to be a Coach, Consultant or Service Professional who works with individuals either 1-on-1, by the month or by the service?
  • Would you like to figure out how to make more money in your business?
  • Do you feel like you’re a “one trick pony” and currently only offer just one or a few ways to work with you—but you’re still not generating much money from those income streams?
  • Would you like to take what you do, what you know and create a variety of ways for prospects and clients to work with you, so you get paid well and you create highly satisfied clients?
  • What if you could charge even higher rates and easily get paid what you’re asking?
  • What if you had multiple coaching, consulting or service packages and programs to offer your ideal clients and they could easily choose and pay for the program that’s right for them?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions then keep reading…

Your clients want solutions, it’s up to you to offer what they want…

As a Coach, Mentor and Employed Mom Solo Entrepreneur I can tell you that once I figured out the secret to adding more income to my business by creating and offering exactly what my clients wanted it changed everything and provided me with more time, income and better results with my clients.

It wasn’t long ago that I was trying to bring in just a few clients to start paying the bills but I was struggling to make enough money to even make my business dream worthwhile.

Once upon a time I had a Health Coaching business that wasn’t making much money.

I didn’t have a specific niche.

I was charging only $75 per month for my first few clients and bending over backwards to deliver the sun, moon and stars to make them happy.

The business model wasn’t allowing money to flow in…

It started with finding my perfect niche, then it was finding my coaches and mentors to teach me what to do and then it was time for me to implement and apply what I learned. As soon as I made just a few changes to my business model everything shifted for the better —FAST!

Believe it or not, as it turned out the solution to my cash flow and time crunch problem was incredibly simple to fix and the first month I applied these strategies I went from making $500 to$5,000. This was HUGE, and when I saw it happen to me I quickly taught my private clients the same thing to help them too.

The solution was to expand my services and offer packages…

But before I tell you exactly what I did I’d like you to consider something…

Let’s say that you decided to hire someone to help you solve your most challenging problems. You’ve identified your problems and now you need to find the right person to help you overcome your issues.

Before you do anything you ask for referrals, search the internet and then check out and possibly interview the person you’re consider hiring.

Now it’s decision time because you think you’ve found the right person to help you but next you need to know exactly how they can support you and what your investment to work with them will be. If you’re like most consumers, you want to know your options, know the investment and know that you’ll get results before you move any further. It’s the EXACT same for your ideal clients.

But what if the person you want to hire you can’t afford? What if they only offer one option to work with you? Well if the options and affordability aren’t there then you’ll likely move on and look for someone else who will.

You want to offer what your ideal clients want to pay for that will provide the best results they’re looking for to solve their problem…

But how do you do that exactly?

How do you offer what your prospects want, that you can deliver, get paid very well to provide, in the time you have and create amazing results for them—so they’re satisfied, you’re happy and they refer you to more clients?

Make it easy for your clients to choose what’s right for them so they will decide to work with you….

Here’s how many coaches, consultants and professionals get the whole thing wrong—they offer only one solution. They offer one service for one price either by the month or by the project. They’re limiting the amount of money they can make and potential support they can offer to their clients and they don’t even realize that it just comes down to this one simple thing…

You just have to know how to package up your “brilliance” and sell it…

But what if you don’t know how to do that? Well…

the GREAT NEWS is…

It’s quite simple to learn exactly how to bundle up what you do,create a variety of ways to support your ideal clients and make SERIOUS income while doing it.

Here’s what you need to consider before you do:

  • You need to know what your ideal clients are looking for
  • How you can sell the many things you offer in a variety of ways
  • How to price the multiple levels of service you offer
  • How to create your “sales funnel” so you know which programs and packages to include and how to price them
  • How to create high value with your programs without giving away more of your time
  • How to market and sell them because what’s the point of bundling all of what you offer and not selling them?

Multiple program and package options allow you to serve more people and create more cash flow in your business…

It took me a long time to figure out how to create just the right programs and package my services to sell them to my ideal clients so that I could best serve them, make more money and help them receive fantastic results. But you don’t have to take as much time or spend as much money to figure out what I learned because…

I’m here to teach you how to create multiple programs and packages to sell your solo services in my content filled telecourse:

“Create Packages and Programs to Sell Your Solo Services-3 Steps to Quickly Create Packagesand Easily Design, Price and Market Your Services, So You Can Work with Your Ideal Clients and Earn More Money!"

In this information filled course, I share everything I have done and now teach my private clients how to easily achieve BIGGER paydays.



Module 1

Design, Create and Price Packages and Programs to Sell Your Services

All You need to know on the back end to create exactly what your prospects and clients want and will buy

  • The three ways to find out exactly which services your clients want, so you’ll be guaranteed to sell what you offer and create a raving fan
  • What you NEED to know before you design packages and programs-(I’ll walk you through this exercise and by completing this you’ll easily triple your investment in this course right away)
  • How to design multiple programs so that your clients can choose which is best for them
  • How to clearly identify and organize WHAT you offer so that prospects and clients WILL work with you
  • How to shift from “one service” and “month to month” clients and create long term programs and packages
  • How to design low, middle and high end packages—and know which services belong in each
  • How to create an introductory package or program that gives a slice of what you offer and easily converts to more programs
  • How to price your packages and programs-what you need to know in order to sell
  • TIPS FOR INCLUDING Value Added Bonuses and Features to make your programs and packages even more enticing

BONUS: Value Add Benefit Sheet-a variety of options to include in your packages and services

Module 2

How to Market and Sell Your Packages and Programs

What you need to know to help your prospects and clients say “YES” from your website,  email and phone offers

  • How to create the right mindset to sell high level packages and programs—when you master this you’ll feel more comfortable to sell your services no matter what level
  • How to help your ideal clients easily navigate your website all the way through to a Discovery/Strategy Session
  • How to have prospects pre-qualify themselves so by the time they contact you they already know which program is best for them
  • Where you must promote your packages and programs and where you shouldn’t
  • How to conduct a Strategy/Discovery Session that will end in a sale 90% of the time
  • How to properly guide your prospects into the right program for them—it’s not always your highest offering either

BONUS: How to Close the Sale Checklist-a guide to use to get the best close rate possible

Module 3

Recorded Q & A Call with Jeannie

You’ll get a chance to hear answers to questions  Jeannie provided in response to participants in the course. It will help you learn how to apply what you learned so you can create packages and programs to sell your solo services.

Pamela Higgins, Certified Health Coach

“Jeannie’s telecourse helped propel me into updating my packages, programs, and services”

I realized what I had to offer was really great, but I needed to open my eyes to give shorter programs that my niche is really seeking. I was also able to see that my packages needed to be more clear and really outline what I offer, the problems I can solve, and the benefits my clients will get out of working with me.

Listening to Jeannie spell out strategies in her comforting yet assertive tone made the whole process seem doable rather than scary and daunting. If you feel like you aren’t quite connecting with your intended audience, this telecourse can get you where you need to be so your goals can start coming to fruition!

Heather Poduska

"I highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with trying to figure out how to create programs and services to grow their business."

I was very excited to take part in the “Create Packages & Programs to Sell Your Solo Services” course with Jeannie because I knew I needed to refine what I was already offering. As a brand strategist I know how important it is to present your services in a way that is clear and compelling to your ideal clients, however, despite having worked with other coaches I did not feel my services were as refined or as varied as they should be. This course gave me exactly what I was looking for and more. Jeannie taught us not only how to build a sales funnel, which  is where most other programs stop, but also how to FILL the sales funnel with specific service and package ideas. She also gave us specifics on how to differentiate each package and how to price each service.

This telecourse is yours for just $97  –that’s less than a private consultation with me and it will provide you all the steps you need to create multiple program and package options in your business that will sell quickly!

Here’s what you get with “Create Packages and Programs to Sell Your Solo Services”:

  • 2 90-Minute Calls with Jeannie-providing step-by-step instruction, exercises and resources that can help you design, price, market and sell your solo services to create multiple packages and programs.
  • Exercises, Templates and/or Worksheets for each class that you can download and print to help you follow along and get the best results from this course. You’ll be working on the calls and implementing in between so that when the course is done you’re ready to offer multiple programs and packages — and earn your investment back right away!
  • MP3 of the Q& A Call with Jeannie-where you get to hear answers to questions about how to create packages and programs, price, market and sell them in your business.

Bonus #1 “Connecting It All: Making Money from Programs and Services” Mp3 Recording – (value $47)

You’ll receive training call from Jeannie’s popular “Ignite Your Biz Grow Your Income” course where she covers how to conduct a Strategy/Discovery Session, how to handle the sales conversion process, elements of a good sales page, how to process payments online and much more.

Bonus #2 “Grow Your Biz Grow Your Income 30-Day Action Guide”- (value-$97)

Step by step activities and tips to grow your business quickly using simple social media and offline marketing strategies as well as mindset tips for how to step into the role of Entrepreneur.

Bonus #3 Jeannie’s Recommended Resource Guide - (value $297)

Jeannie’s rolodex of suggested resources to help you grow and build your business.  This is the back-end stuff that people ask me all the time. It’s all the resources I use to keep my business running and growing steadily

guaranteeI am confident that this course is going to work for you and your business. But if you’re not 100% enthused, within 30 days of purchasing this course I will gladly credit your purchase for a one hour Private Consultation, no questions asked.

So if for any reason “Create Packages and Programs to Sell Your Solo Services-3 Steps to Quickly and Easily Design, Price and Market Your Services, So You Can Work with Your Ideal Clients and Earn More Money!” course doesn’t meet your expectations, just email my team to cancel within 30 days.  No explanation needed.  That’s my guarantee.

Just click on the secure order link below for immediate access to “ Create Packages and Programs to Sell Your Solo Services-3 Steps to Quickly and Easily Design, Price and Market Your Services, So You Can Work with Your Ideal Clients and Earn More Money!"

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Yes, Jeannie! Please Give me INSTANT Access to Your Create Packages and Programs to Sell Your Solo Services Course, So I Can Learn How to Enjoy More Flexibility, Clients and Cash in My Business Too!

I understand that in addition to the info-packed 2-90 minute classes and Q&A, I will receive…

  • All of the Worksheets, Templates and Exercises to be used during the course
  • All 3 Bonuses: Jeannie’s “Connecting It Call-Making Money from Your Programs and Services” Training Call, “Grow Your Biz Grow Your Income 30 Day Action Guide” and “Jeannie’s Recommended Resource List” to pull everything together and get you results fast

So, are you ready to learn all you need to know to package up your “brilliance” and create programs and packages to sell your services?

I’m ready to invest in THE CREATE PROGRAMS AND PACKAGES TO SELL YOUR SOLO SERVICES COURSE right now by clicking the link below:

Create Programs and Packages to Sell Your Solo Services Course

for Just $97

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NOTE: This is a take action training program. Only those who are ready to do the work, follow the steps and implement should apply. It’s not hard, it won’t take much time and you’re getting the guidance from me to teach you exactly what to do. When you’re done you’ll be ready to offer multiple programs and packages—and earn your investment back right away!

Wishing you success,

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P.S. Creating multiple ways for your ideal clients to work with you is a great solution to getting out of the month to month fee model and allows you to generate more cash flow in your business. If you’re ready to offer long term programs, that provide results for your clients and help you earn more money than this course is for YOU!