5 Secrets to Getting More Clients and Making More Money!

This call is for you especially if you’re:

  • Desperately looking for easier and faster ways to grow your business so you can be the stay at home entrepreneur you’re hoping to be
  • New at running your solo business and have left your job but still need more clients and more income 
  • Have been attracted to every “bright shiny object”, program and course promising BIG results but you’re left still struggling to bring in more consistent revenue and clients
  • Still stuck in your job and longing to quit but don’t have enough clients to make it happen
  • Want to stop squeezing in clients between your work schedule, sending “QT” emails from your cell phone during the work day and working long hours and weekends to make your dream a reality
I’m Jeannie Spiro and I’ve straddled my job, growing business and raised a family while doing it too!

In less than one year I created a thriving near 6 figure businessworked with dozens of women  launched, run and filled four online training courses, become a sought after Speaker and Blog Contributor and created my own signature program. 
The secret behind my success was that I used a very strategic marketing and growth strategy where I followed a step by step plan to grow my list, quickly make more money and work with incredible clients too. Now I want to share what I did so you can too!

I’m excited to teach you: 5 Secrets to Getting More Clients and Making More Money Online–So You Can Quit Your Day Job and Make Your Solo Business Thrive

On this No-Cost Call you’ll learn:

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  • How this one simple secret will add more income to your business and create more streams of income than anything else you’ve tried—I’ll reveal why this is a game changer and once you implement it in your own business how you’ll rapidly go from few clients and little money to greater abundance of both.
  • Which 3 marketing strategies are BEST for getting more clients today –I’ll cover where you should spend your time and what you should focus on to get more clients now especially if you’re pressed for time and still working your day job.
  • How to know which online marketing strategies are best for your business—stop wasting your time on all of them, you’ll discover that there are really only 3 that you need (I’ll reveal how to know which are best for you).
  • The TOP strategy for rapid growth, more subscribers and a steady stream of targeted prospects and why it’s essential you include this in your business plan right now!
  • My secret for creating more consistent revenue month after month and I’ll reveal what it is so you can do the same in your business—no matter what type of service business it is this strategy will work for you too!
  • a SNEAK PREVIEW of my brand new programs…”The Exit Plan—7 Steps to Quitting Your Job So You Can Become Your Own Boss”, which will guide you through the most effective and necessary steps to ramp up your side business so you can quit your day job and become a freedom based entrepreneur and “The Solopreneur Success Plan-How to Create A Thriving Freedom Based Business”–specifically for former career women who left the “grind” behind and are still needing to ramp up their business. [/red_tick_list]
See you on the call!

Jeannie Spiro

Your Freedom Based Entrepreneur Mentor

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