8 No Brainer Ways to Build Your List

You probably know by now that in order to build your fan base and future targeted leads that you must have a fabulous free offer to attract people and learn more about what you do.

It’s on your website, looks great, is connected to your list building service but now what?

You can start with some very simple ways to promote yourself I suggest you do the following:

  1. Email Signature: Make sure that you have something at the bottom of your email signature that invites people to sign up for your free report such as: “Get 5 Keys to Build Your Business While You’re Still Employed” at: JeannieSpiro.com.
  2. Business Card: Put your fabulous free offer and how to sign up for it on the back of your business card.
  3. Posts, Tweets, Updates: Create 4-5 different message drivers for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN and alternate them. You can use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule them.
  4. Website: Have an opt in box on your website on every page.
  5. Set Up a FREE Teleclass: Do a free call where you talk about what you do and at the end of the call offer your free report/opt in.
  6. Interview: Get interviewed by someone and offer your fabulous free offer
  7. Presentation: Do a live speech and offer your free offer at the end of the presentation
  8. Marketing Materials: Include your free offer at the bottom of any brochures you offer

Your Turn:

What can you take action on right now to start building your list? Have you done anything before that’s helped? Feel free to share in the comments below.


List building begins with having a strategy. Without a full plan and idea of how to build your business from multiple angles you’ll be swimming against the tide. If you need to develop a list to grow your business I’d be happy to teach you. There are a variety of ways we can work together including my VIP Private Intensive Retreats and Solopreneur Programs. Learn more about them here.

Image Credit : FreeDigitalPhotos.net by Sdmania

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