If you’re trying to grow your coaching, consulting or service based business, you’re probably wondering where to start. 

Now that you know what you want to do and who you want to help, are you struggling to find get more clients and make more money doing what you love?

If you’re tired of getting no where in your business and ready to be taught how to grow your business online then I’m ready to show you how to leverage the internet to start getting clients and making more money in your business.

I have a passion for marketing, social media and business strategy and a background in sales, marketing and public speaking. I love teaching women coaches, consultants and service based business owners how to build their list, convert conversations to sales and take their business to 6 figures and beyond online. 

Together we’ll build your list, get you clients, launch your products and services and get you making money online.

We’ll focus on speaking to sell, monetizing your signature system and creating multiple revenue streams so you can stop stressing about your cash flow and start working with more amazing clients. 

So if you’re stuck, stumbling and not sure what to do next then you’re in the right place because now is the time to learn how to get more clients, make more money and build a freedom based business that you love

 If you’re ready to work with a Mentor who has walked the path and believes you can have the business you desire –then contact Jeannie to set up a  Strategy Session here to learn how you can take action and ramp up your business now!

You can also learn more about me here and my private coaching programs here.

Online Business Strategist


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