Hi there Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Speakers! 

Do you have a message to share, a “thing” you do or a passion you have but aren’t sure how to get it out into the world and monetize it?

Would you like to know how to use the internet to share your message, attract more clients and make a whole lot more money?

 Then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Jeannie Spiro and my passion is in teaching others how to monetize their message by showing them how to use speaking online (and offline) to share their message, passion or genius, attract clients and make more money in their business. T

By teaching them my simple and effective Talk and Profit System(TM), I show them how to design and use their signature talk and how to package their brilliance into services, products, courses and programs and help them attract more clients so they can build a revenue generating business online. 

After spending most of my work life in a career that didn’t feed by soul, I changed my path after a tragic event rattled my world and switch gears in my early 40’s while working full-time and raising a family to start my business.

It took me longer than I’d hoped even with a sales and marketing background, but as I turned to the internet to find a solution I found the answers within it. I quickly learned that the fastest path to helping more people was to start speaking to share my message and master speaking to sell online.

Through the power of speaking online I quickly started getting clients,  filled my coaching programs and sold my courses.

And now I’ve become known as an expert in my field, am a frequent online and offline speaker, co-host my own podcast, host my own live events and have a lucrative online business all because I’m clear about how to make money with my message.

So if you’re stuck, stumbling and not sure what to do to package, price and sell what you love doing, how to use your voice to share your message, build your list, attract clients and how to create a passion based online business then let’s talk about what’s preventing that from happening. 

Let’s find out what’s getting in the way and talk about how you can share your message, get more clients and make a lot more money in your business.

To learn more about you can make more money with your message, Schedule a Complimentary Get Acquainted Session here 


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